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MG MGB Technical - 'Fuel problem' fixed!

fuel pump a 3400 mile trip 3 weeks ago in the B (TD also!) from NJ to Boise, ID. The cars ran flawlessly. On arriving here in Boise, I filled up at a local service station, and 2 days later, the B began to miss
Robert Dougherty


Congrats on a succesfull cross country trip. Perfect time of the year for it. Hope the weather cooperated for you and you have hundreds of pictures and twice that many tales and memories.

Thanks for the story and advise. When I order ignition parts, I always select the Lucas over the aftermarket. Few bucks more but one of the few service items that are still oem so I figure why not, she's worth it. (I hunt down nos caps) Always insist on genuine Lucas!!

Curious, did you have to do any type carb/timing adjustments from Jersey sea level to Rockies altitude? How was the gas along the way? When I did a xcountry in '89, there were times when only regular was available. Some of us back east are considering the drive to Seattle next summer via the nothern route and info might help.

What you did is to be admired but tell the TD driver that I for one, am very impressed!

Got snow??


Paul Hanley

Actually, I drove the TD, my wife drove the B.
Gas changes as you get west of the Mississippi, most hi-test are only 91 octane, regular as low as 85! There are many places in the plains that mix with ethanol to get the 91 octane, some as much as 20%. Seems like Chevron & Shell use straight gas w/ no ethanol.
Had to lean out the carbs going over the wind mountains in WY (9600')but not much else...about 2 flats was all it took.
Yes, we did have snow in the Slyvan Pass (8700') going into Yellowstone...very cold in the TD! Thank God I put in a heater prior to the trip...not that it gave out that much heat, but it did keep my feet & hands from freezing!!
Memories a-plenty, even my wife, who was not at all convinced about the trip, now sez she'll do it again anytime! Out of the 3400 miles, we were on Interstates for only 150 miles! We're writing up the trip from our journal, I'll send a copy when it's complete, might be some info you can use for your trip next summer.
Robert Dougherty

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