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MG MGB Technical - GM Dizzy conversion?

I'd like to know if it was possible to use the GM 7 pin HEI dizzy on the MG as I'm preparing to test out a new DIY ECU for my fi car and need to know if its possible to use that rather then my custom 36-1 toothed flywheel which is heidiously expensive to have made.
CJD Dark

What are you trying to accomplish?
Breakerless igntion, or fuel injecction?

Electomotive makes a distributorless ignition. My son Jon has one in his [gasp] 924 Porsche.
They also have programable setups.
Good luck and Safety Fast
Dwight McCullough

Try this link.
Jim Lema

Actually I was interested in the answer as well. I know that the 25D was a Lucus distributor widely used in all sorts of British cars, but I like the American and Japanese stuff for reliability,

Is there a Japanese or American drop in replacement besides HEI, and Mallory?
Frank Baker

I've had the Crane XR-3000 ignition with the Crane cube coil for years and it works great, but what is your goal? Are you trying to use a GM fuel injection system on your B? Why not go distributorless and transfer over the rest of the GM system? Or is there something more sinister and "confidential" in your plan...
Jeff Schlemmer

For me (CJD Dark, Texas, USA, will have to represent himself) I have restored a 65 B to stock. Now the Lucus and Moss parts I bought are failing. Specifically, the voltage regulator, the spark wires, the switchs and more. I am starting to consider a Lucusectomy, using more reliable parts where ever and when ever I can. The fuel pump went first, then the switchs, now I am looking at the starter and the generator, and that distributor.

I want street preformance (nothing huge) and I want to walk out to the car, get in and go. This mystory about the car running seems related to cheap parts and bad designs. I am thinking - better design, better quality, = better reliability.
Frank Baker

Folks.....there is nothing wrong with the design of Lucas parts they have been fitted to millions of cars over the years. What I think you forget is that your cars are geting old. The youngest B is now some 20 years old. That is way beyond the designed life of ANY car. It seems that parts suppliers have, in order to keep prices down, gone to the cheapest manufacture. This has meant that replacement parts are not built to the same quality as the originals.
I agree that some things can be 'brought upto date' but please do not knock the car you love!!!
Cecil Kimber

Back in '68, when my long since expired '64 was relatively new, I went through a regular procession of generators, and regulators. Also lost all the smoke out of my wires several times. Switches broke. All genuine aren't any worse--just built to original specs. Upgrading your '65 to neg ground and an alternator is a good cure for charging system woes, if originality is not an issue.
R. L Carleen

I think it has been said above, but I will sharpen it up a bit. I have a number of GM and Ford card now and over the past ranging from the 1920s to the 1970s. I think there are things wrong with the original design. Many of the parts are not as robust as their 40 year old counterparts from other makes. Specifically Lucus. Sorry, I understand that you love the car, but a spade is still a spade
Frank Baker


Check out this thread on the SUPERCHARGING BBS:

HEADS UP: Distributorless ign :->

Jerry Causey

Being Sinister of course Jeff! I'm the Anti-Purist! I don't think anything on the mg will be original by the time I'm finished. And yes another FI system is in the works something a little more powerfull then the sidekick system. hehe SC FI
CJD Dark

in case nobody got the SC FI bit, supercharged fuel injection. I'm working on the tb design right now to work with moss's sc set-up. just gonna need a car to test it out on sooner or later.
CJD Dark

How's your beast coming along? Is there any chance you'll be driving it any time soon? I'd let you install your SC on mine for now, but I'm already over 10:1, so it might get a little messy.

Basically, you are creating a throttle body setup? I would think a junkyard GM or Neon setup with the stock computer would be feasable. With GM you could integrate the knock sensor to shift the timing as long as you use a GM distributor. I think you can put one on a lathe and modify it to fit very easily. Just cut it to length and fit the stock drive to the shaft. If you have wiring questions for a GM computer, I have the diagrams and color codes for the alternator, engine sensors, etc... You would just need to add a vehicle speed sensor, and I have some literature on that too. With a different manifold this might work on any engine?
Jeff Schlemmer

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