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MG MGB Technical - Headlamp bezels - 72 Roadster

Does anyone have any advice for fitting the headlamp bezels? I have new bezels and new metal headlamp buckets. I now have the headlamp and it's rim off the car to give a clear view of what's fouling what. It seems to me that the diameter of the buckets is too large for the the rim and despite much pushing and tugging the bezel will not press into position. Should I resort to grinding off some part of the bucket rim?
This is all the more galling as I've just got the car MOT'd after 6 years of rebuild and now can't complete the last bit of trim!
Richard Coombs

The "original" method was: clip the bottom of the bezel "under" the spring clip at the bottom of the bucket, and pulling upwards slip the top of the bezel over the raised pieces on the top of the bucket. (Doing it without the headlight in to test would ensure you can release the spring at the bottom if it sticks.) If this doesn't work it would seem a mismatch of sizes.

I have read that aftermarket bezels can be difficult. One poster cut a slot in the bottom of the bezel, that fitted around the spring clip, and then after clipping the top on, rotated the bezel to lock it.
Michael Beswick

Alternatively try fitting the top first then pushing the bottom back, I've always done it that way, and the reverse to remove.
PaulH Solihull

I had exactly the same problem - the new buckets are not properly stamped.

If you look at the top there are two wedges shaped to clip under the rim of the bezel. Just bend these forward a little with a pair of pliers so the diameter is slightly reduced, and then the rims will fit as they are supposed to. Trial and error a little at a time will get you to the right shape.
dominic clancy

Definitely fit the top first, then distort it slightly to go over the spring clip. Has always worked for me.
Mike Howlett

As above: I've ground off a section of the inner lip of the rim slightly wider than the bottom clip. Hook the rim on at the top, push the bottom in at the ground off section, past the clip, and then rotate it clockwise about an inch. Check that it's engaged properly. It's invisible when on the car. Wipe some grease on the ground-off area if you're worried about rusting.

To remove, rotate the rim anti-clockwise! I've marked the rim at the bottom with a permanent marker to enable correct alignment when removing. That too is invisible until you kneel down in front of the car.

....not that I anticipate removing them too often.

I got the idea from the MG Experience forum, but can't find the exact link.
John Bilham

Thanks everyone. It was such a long time ago that I took off and threw out the old lamps, rings and buckets that I have completely forgotten what the rim fixings were like. Looking at Paul's site I was reminded of the spring clip which many of you refer to. Well, my buckets do not have the spring clip but do have another clip into which a securing screw can fit. Similarly my rims have a hole for a fixing screw. This hole is unusable on the B so I'll have a go with Paul's suggestion of trying to get the rim to fit over a pre-fitted screw. It's clearer on his website!!
One other thing. I've been pre-occupied with trying to get the rim to fit over the entire circumference of the bucket. From Paul's diagram I get the impression that this is not required. So does the rim only fit over the top section of the bucket, relying only on the clip to hold the bottom section? It might explain my 'dimensional' problem.
Richard Coombs

Yes, the trim only fits over two short sections of the bucket at the top, and under the spring-clip or pre-fitted screw (which is actually the Mini etc. arrangement but ironically makes life much easier on an MGB) and ends up sitting against the rubber seal that is behind the bucket. Without the spring-clip, or a screw, the ring will just hook onto the top part, and with the bottom part pushed back gently should sit against the rubber seal (to fall off again at the slightest bump of course), it doesn't hook over anything else. If the edges of your trim-ring are fouling the edges of the bucket elsewhere, then something is the wrong size.
PaulH Solihull

I bought a repro set of headlight rims quite a few years ago and could never get them to fit right. I finally ended up installing the originals even though they were slightly worn and scratched. The repros just weren't fitting. It seemed that the interior diameter was just too tight. They sit on my wall as I speak. Looking pretty but nowhere to go.

LJA Azan

Fitted the bezels by replacing the 'screw' arrangement with the spring clips and grinding off a couple of mm from the top edge of two top wedges.
Richard Coombs

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