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MG MGB Technical - Help with air filter replacement

This is kind of a basic question, and I feel somewhat silly asking it, but I am replacing the paper air filters in my 71 B. When I took the black can things off, off came also two air cleaner gaskets. My question is when refitting these (I have ordered new ones btw) do i need gasket goop or do I simply fit them back dry as it were? There seems to be evidence of something on the surfaces where the gaskets were fitted and I am not sure if it was goop or just muck from the gaskets themselves. In any case I have cleaned the surfaces with fine steel wool. If goop is required can anyone tell me what to use please? Funny, all the various manual I have (including Haynes) describe changing the air filter but make no mention of the gaskets. Then, like I said, it's probably so basic they didn't feel it warranted mention. Your help with his most appreciated. Simon.
Simon Waters

Simon - I don't know about others, but I put the gaskets on dry (I also have used the same gaskets for 7 or 8 years - they don't wear out). When you put the gaskets and the air cleaners on, be sure that the two extra holes in the gaskets and air cleaner plates line up with the two holes in the carburetor flange. These holes provide the vent air for the pistons in the carburetors and if they are closed off (by not lining up the holes in the gasket and air cleaner plates, the pistons will not move freely and the engien will not run right. Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

I install them dry and reuse them as Dave mentioned.

Clifton Gordon

It may be easier to apply a thin film, or at least a couple spots, of gasket sealant between the gasket and air filter housing just to hold it in place. It doesn't need to be sealed.
Jeff Schlemmer

I install mine dry. If you use sealant, I'd think you'd want the non-hardening kind. If you're just looking for something to hold them in place whilst installing the cans, a little smear of grease would do it just as well as sealant.

Rob Edwards

Apply a thin layer of grease (I use axle bearing grease) and they will stick in place and they make disassembly much easier and the grease acts as a seal. Been doing this for over 20 years w/no problems.
Mike MaGee

Always installed mine dry. I can also only recall rubber end-seals as part of the filter.
Paul Hunt

I am in the thin smear of Lithium (or any) grease here. I'm sure they will work fine dry as well.
S Best

Thank you very much ... much appreciated. I think the thin smear of grease may help hold them in place while I get it all back together.
Simon Waters

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