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MG MGB Technical - HIF44 needles

Does any of you run a single HIF44 with K&N filter on his/her MGB?
I do but only now I fid out that the BEJ needle that is in there is the correct needle (for a 1.3 BL Metro) I tried to figure out which needle I should use and I am down to either a BAR or a BAP. They don't cost that much so I could try both but I'd rather rely on your experience.



Drop an e-mail to Burlen Fuel Systems. The HIF44 single was not offered in the US unless you tried to replace the Stomberg.
The dual HIF4's used AAU needles.


I just got both needles and am now trying the BAP (rich) first. Unfortunately it is raining heavy for the moment so the test drive will have to wait. Tuning went reasonably well so I have good hope this is it.

C. J. Gaasbeek

This thread was discussed between 17/06/2004 and 18/06/2004

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