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MG MGB Technical - k&n filter mod

can anyone point me to the webpage on how to do the K&N filter conversion using 2 separate k&N filters and the original stub stacks. (not the k&n's with alloy baseplate.

paul d


Try this - I followed the guidelines and it worked out fine.


B.J. Quartermaine

It seems like a lot of effort, especially when the stub stacks are relatively inexpensive. The full kit with the K+N stub stacks will cost about 100, and considering the filters themselves will be around 80 it would make more sense to go for the 2 1/2 inch deep straight (not conical) filters and get much better airflow.


The stub stacks are already in the Cooper Cans and my pair of K&N's cost $60US total from LBC Co. The other parts are minimal cost.

B.J. Quartermaine

The stub stacks are part and parcel of the OE Coopers base plates for each carb's OE filter assembly. It may not look like the stereotypical airhorn/stubstack, but it is indeed and serves that function very well. And, as BJ implies, if you already have them they are a no cost, no effort way to seal the carb end of the filter (which they have been doing all along) and provide decent airflow into the carb.
Bob Muenchausen

thanks for the address barry

seems K$Ns are alot cheaper over your side of the pond. Ones i have seen here are circa 35 each and about 8 for each stub stack.
paul d

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