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MG MGB Technical - K&N Oil filters

Can someone please tell me if a K&N oil filter, part number HP-2004 is the correct one for a B with an inverted cartridge type filter, my problem is, mine is draining back when left, many thanks. A.T
andy tilney


I don't know about the K&N, but a lot of people like the Mann W-917.

C R Huff


According to my USA cross-ref manual the K&N HP 2004 is the correct filter. I personaly like the MANN W-917. In the US the MANN W-917 easy to get at the Volvo dealership, modestly priced and they have an excellent anti-flowback valve.

David Kalp

I've been using the K&N HP2004 for years and have never experienced the backflow problem that you are having. For what these oil filters cost, there is no excuse for such a quality control problem. If you still have the receipt, take the filter back to where you bought it and demand your money back.
Stephen Strange

Tried a K&N Gold HP2004 a few years back when I was comparing drain-back. Nothing wrong with the filter, got oil pressure after 6 secs or so even after standing a month. Overnight was pretty-well instantaneous. If yours isn't doing that it is falty. The problem was it was double the price of Champion/Halfords, I could only get it on special order, and had to trek across Birmingham to pick it up. The Volvo 3517857-3/Mann W917 has the same performance at only 50% dearer than Halfords/Champion and much more readily available. The only slight issue is that the Volvo is shorter than the original - 3.25" compared to 4" hence less filtering area (and you need to be sure the anti-drainback tube on the filter head is at least 1/2" shorter than that), but I don't think that is anything to be concerned about. Even the Champion/Halfords filters aren't that bad for drain-back, not as bad as a GFE121F from a well-known source advertised as having an 'improved' anti-drainback valve, which turned out to be a Fram PH2857A which I found was significantly worse than the Champion/Halfords, especially after 3k miles.
P Hunt

Many thanks gentlemen for your comments, i must have got hold of a faulty one, A.T
andy tilney

i have changed to a spin on filter adaptor for my mgb 1964 model. could i also use the volvo 3517857-3/Mannw917, if not what is the best one to use,.

thanks .
vignes pillai

If the thread is right, and the diameter is right, and the depth clears any anti-drainback tube if it is inverted, then yes. If it is suspended then it doesn't matter about anti-drainback valves in the filter.
P Hunt

I too use the HP-2004 on my inverted filter base. I also use K&N HP-1007 on three other MGs. They do cost more than some other filters, but considering how few I go through in a year, the extra couple dollars is well worth it just for the nut on the end. It makes removing the filter so much easier, especially on a RHD car.

You can buy them online, often at prices much lower than in local chain stores.
Steve Simmons

Steve, back in the 70s I used Hastings oil filters for this very reason. They were good quality, had a nut welded to the base for easy removal and cost only a bit more. Sadly, they were bought out by one of the larger manufacturers and disapeared from the shelves. RAY
rjm RAY

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