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MG MGB Technical - Krause Bond for emissions problem

MGB 1971 with "visible smoke" . It's a re-ring or a rebore unless there's another way.
Vaguely remember Krause Bond from way back being praised in Car Mechanics magazine and I've found it's being sold on eBay.
Anyone got any experience of this product ??

Mike, I would be surprised if it produced a lasting cure, but if you're desparate, it's worth a try, it isn't very expensive.
R. Algie

Basically, all these potions are what's known as Viscosity Improvers (VI). They raise the thickness of the oil to make it more difficult to slip past worn rings and get into the combustion chamber. I'd be leery of the effectiveness of the metal partcles to the carrier as having long term benefit. I agree that there's no curative benefit that comes from there use, but no real harm (except maybe to your wallet). You may want to try a thicker oil at your next oil change.
Peter Van Syckle

Also, don't forget that some of that smoke may be from oil passing by the intake valve guides. If they are worn or your valve guide seals history or leaky, you can blow a fair amount of smoke out the exhaust.

Another possibility (tho remote) is that one of your oil control ring expanders has broken and collapsed. That will also send a nice cloud of smoke out the exhaust.

Both of these are relatively easier to fix than some things.
Bob Muenchausen

In my younger days I tried all sorts of these fixes. None worked for more than a minimal mileage and at the end of the day did more harm than good. The only fix is a proper mechanical fix and is cheaper in the long run.

R Etches

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