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MG MGB Technical - lockeed brake master cly

Hi All
I got this lockeed master cylinder to repair, i manage to get the circlip out of the main shaft, but the nylon seal seems stuck i cannot get it out, iam not familier with this type of pump, is there any way of getting it ou without removing the side nuts? they are to tight...
see picture here..

a rodrigues

It's probably similar to the dual-circuit midget cylinder.

I drilled some holes in the nylon spacer and took it out in several pieces.

There is another circlip underneath.
Dave O'Neill2

ok Dave thank you.
a rodrigues

I think there might be a (John Twist) University Motors YouTube video on this or similar (I think, maybe, but not 100% sure)
Nigel Atkins

Nigel i got the video but is a diferent type, is showing already striped, thanks
a rodrigues

have a search of the Archives then as I'm almost sure this has come up before
Nigel Atkins

Lyndsay Porter describes using a hammer and ice-pick to smash it into a thousand pieces.
Paul Hunt

I got it right, had to drill the nylon out then remove a circlip the whole piston come out..,i suppose the nylon washer doesnt get out due to the pressure made of the outer spring to it...what a job...
a rodrigues

well done
Nigel Atkins

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