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I've recently lowered my '77 and added poly bushes and 6" wide wheels with 185/70's. Should I use the original toe-in specs of 1/16-3/32 or change this? Suggestions appreciated. The car handles fantastic now, by the way.

Try to get hold of a gunsons Trakrite. Using that you can adjust the track perfectly without needing to know what toe in or out is needed.
Miles Banister

I believe that even with negative camber i am still at 1/16th toe-in. The biggest factor on this will be tyre scrub. Adjust to minimise tyre wear and what 'feels' right to your car. I would set to 1/6th and drive it for a while.

As an aside, my car has recently been 'pulling' to the left and i have noticed the left front tyre slightly scrubbed - must have hit a curb and knocked the tracking or something, because previously at this toe-in with lowered, stiffened suspension (and neg cam) the tyres had been fine for several tens of thousands of miles. Handling spot on too!


I'd play with neutral to 1/8" toe in & see what feels best to your driving habit.

E-mail your Phone & we'll chat, I'm over here on the West Bank :-)

Dwight McClain (aka Dauntless)

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