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MG MGB Technical - Making a wood wheel

I have read through the archives and read all the threads on steering wheels. There was a posting about someone who built a wood wheel from a original bango wheel.

I am moderatly ok with wood working. Thinking of steaming strips to the round shape, then routering out the wood to fit the steel of the rim.

I would be interested to hear if someone has done a wood rim?
BEC Cunha

Bruce - Check with Gordon Lawson on the T series BBS. He has made a number of wooden wheels for the T series (actually, he is rather disgusting, in that he turns them out in just a few days). Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I just went through some back issues OF MGA!, the North American MGA Register magazine and in the Sept/Oct 2001 (Volume 27/Number 1) issue there is an article by Eric Welty titled "Create Your own Steering Wheel". In it is a very detailed description of how he did exactly what you describe.

I could email a copy or you could contact Namgar and request a copy.
Steve Mc

A fellow club member in Toronto had a very nice home made wheel. It was documented in his web page which is unfortunately no longer active. The following listing still appears on the NAMBGR siste following which includes his e-mail contact info

"MG On My Mind
This is the record of the continuing restoration of a CANADIAN 1976 MGB. Also included is a unique project for the "do-it-yourself" handyman who wants a woodgrain steering wheel for that special MG.
Owner: Jim Webb Member # 9-3887"


B.J. Quartermaine

Forgot the NAMBGR link
B.J. Quartermaine

As always, this site is fantastic with information like this.

Dave. I will discuss with Gordon. He is the one I seem to remember reading about.


Super, that will help me a lot.

BEC Cunha

Bruce, the ones I've seen done used several arcs cut from various blocks instead of a steam bent piece. I'm working on a leather covered wheel made up from an early B banjo center with spokes and a smaller rim welded on. Wood would be nicer though, I'll check out some of the links you've had posted.
Bill Young


I also considered leather. Have not started yet. Should not be hard to downsize the original and cover in leather. What are you looking at for the underpadding?

BEC Cunha

I'm not using any under padding. The rim I used was so large, an old Grant I found at a swap meet, that with about 3/16" thick leather it comes out perfect size for my hands. The leather should give enough grip and softness I hope.
Bill Young

For those interested. Gordon Lawson has a small business putting wood on old MG steering wheels. Prices are not inexpensive, but less than a Moto Lita.

Bruce C
BEC Cunha

I built a car with a wooden wheel once ... and a wooden engine and a wooden gearbox. Problem was, it wooden go.
Paul Hunt 2

Bruce I did the motolita on my TF with walnut. Have a look here
If you want to go this route I can tell you how I did mine.


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