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MG MGB Technical - Mgb Gt loom? HELP!!

Hello, i have a 1978 mgb gt, and i have just got one thing left for my car, that is the wiring-
The numpty who had it before me wired in by hand, a alarm system and be quite possibly a worse job than a left handed moose with the instructions upside down...

Now along with my fustration i have had the main loom in and out, making sence of the re wiring job that the guy before me did.

im trying to make sence of the pros and cons-
do i buy a new loom? or do i sort out my already tired loom? second to that i could start afresh and remap the whole thing and get rid of what i dont need. (Its a sebring race car so door switches have long gone with all the other stuff you dont really need-)

Im thinking wiring up everything to a kill switch then wiring everything else up to that and separating it of to all the other functions-

any ideas? Has anybody had the same problem and what was the solution?

SGE Granville


YOu might want to check us out:
Dan Masters

I just this week finished re-wiring my 70 B. with the Power Block system from Advance Auto Wire. The nice thing about there system is that it is easy to wire just those things you want and not have a bunch of wires in the car that go nowhere. I did the job with no real problems and the few times I had a question it was quickly answered.
Bob R.

SEB - That sounds like the wiring in every MG we have ever owned. The absolutely worst problem with Lucas wiring is DPOs. Definitely go to Dan Masters web site that he gave a link to and then click on stock schematics and find the one for your car. It will greatly simplify the task of sorting out the wiring on your car. You can print a full color drawing on your printer, or copy the file, take it to a printing service and have them print the drawing full size and then laminate it. It is the best thing you'll ever get for working on your electrics.
Cheers - Dave
David DuBois


If your car is to be ONLY a race car, you really don't need very much wiring. Battery, starter, generator, ignition and mandatory lights horn etc. If that's what you need, start from scratch and wire just what you need.

However, if you are intending to use the car on the road, you might need a few extras for MOT, wipers washers, indicators etc. In these circumstances, it might be worth considering a wiring pack for a Lotus Se7en-type kit car. These are normally very simple and available from many of the kit car sources.

However, if you want the full Monty, I, too, can reccommend one of Dan Masters' kits. However, it's not a quick solution - merely a very good one!


P L Hills

Sounds like there are many options im tempted to redo the whole loom as there seems little point in doing only half , i just want to drive the car an not have to spend any more time faffing about trying to get things to fit and work- but i will have a look at the power block system even the name sounds ace! il defo get the loom blown up and laminated thats a ace idea!

Cheers guys!!!
il post some pictures soon!!!
SGE Granville

I would replace the whole loom, given the number of permanently live wires, try to reduce the risk of fire.
My old loom had several burnt wires and burn marks in the sound deadening not a pretty sight!
K Harris

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