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My Dad has been kind and brave enough to take my 75 mgb out on the road to keep the fluids circulating while I'm away and has run into a problem. The car is otherwise running great but has been coughing while making 90 degree or so right hand turns. Yesterday it stalled and refused to restart. Over the phone I had him check the fuel pump and for spark and all seemed well but it would not start. At that point he called for a ride home and let it sit for a few hours at which point it started right up and ran great again. It sounds like its flooding for some reason but I'm not sure why it would. It's the stock zs carb. Any help would be appreciated

1975 MGB Tourer 44k miles

Before you go digging into the carb--check the engine compartment and under dash for bare or melted bits of wiring that could be shorting out when a bit of centrifugal force moves it a little in a turn. Start it up and gently start moving wires around.
R. L Carleen

You may be able to confirm the flooding by flooring the accelerator while trying to restart it. If it starts with black smoke coming out of the tail pipe I would say it was flooded. I think they had trouble with the automatic choke sticking on on those carbs. Does it seem to run rich normally? (Black smoke and a kind of
rythmic chugging at idle?) Also characterized by black sooty deposits on the spark plugs.


Good advice already but it sounds as if it is losing suction - have you left it with less than a gallon in the tank ? or is the first part of the fuel line letting in air ?



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