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MG MGB Technical - mitsuba fuel pump - fuel pump / continued

I owe you some feedback:

A couple of weeks ago a checked with you about your experience with the Mitsuba fuel pump for my MGB-engined MGA. There was quite some reaction. There was some concern as to the pressure from the Mitsuba being too high and the fitting being complicated.

I took the gamble and bought the pump. It is easy to fit, it clicks softly and happily and it does its job like a Japanese sewing machine. I did not fit a regulator, but pressure has not given any problem (yet)


Huib Berger



I have used the Dupree (read Walbro, and now Mitsuba as it appears with all these merging)and it was troublefree. Same points click like Lucas pump...
Anyway the Dupree 803 I used was rated 4-6 lbs, not a high pressure and acceptable to SU carbs.



Jean Guy Catford


I forgot the pump illustration:
Jean Guy Catford

Prior to the EFI V8, I used a '82 subaru pump very succesfully. Stashed up in the back corner of the engine compartment

When I looked up the 803, it's rated 2.5 - 4 psi.
The 4-6 is discontinued.
This one would still work ok?
I am assuming it replaces the OEM under the right rear wheel without modifications?

Thanks much.
Best regards, Doug

2402 12V Low pressure
[2.5-4 psi]
flow graph WEP13 Autopulse 2113
Dupree 803 $91.24
plus shipping $60.00
including US shipping
DT Toms

DT - 2.5 - 4 psi works fine. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

"I am assuming it replaces the OEM under the right rear wheel without modifications?"

A very rash assumption, I'd say. Most alternatives seem to require various amounts of mangling of the mountings and petrol and electrical connections.
Paul Hunt 2


As David said no problem at all. And it is not complcated to install. I bought that pump in the pas twhen a Lucas pump was at least 4 times the price of a substitute pump. But now a Lucas pump is not so expensive or easy to repair.

Dupree-Walbro is in my mind an american version of SU.


Jean Guy Catford

Thanks Gentlemen,
My Lucas is acting up and it won't be long before I replace it or chnage out the points. This gives me more information should I decide to replace. Helpful information as always. Best regards, Doug
DT Toms

Back to the subjest of the Mitsuba-pump: Fitting the Mitsuba pump in my MGA was dead easy. The supplied u-bracket has silent blocks that fit straight on the original fixing point on the chassis - no drilling required. The banjo bolts for the fuel infeed and supply are easily pointed in the right directions. I used short pieces of flexible fuel hose to make the final connection to the original fuel pipes. Electric connection is easy too. The pump has a short length of wire already attached (sealed), just long enough to hook it up to the white wire. And I have made a earth connection from the chassis to the pump bracket. The pump is negative earth, but that was not a problem since I converted the car anyway for another reason.

As I said - no long term experience yet, but the clicks are assuring and supply pressure is o.k. I know of a MGC owner who fitted the Mitsuba a couple of years ago. His positive experience made me decide for the Mitsuba - though it is a quite costly at Euro 130 approximately.

Best regards,

Huib Berger

Lucas pump? Just shows how ingrained the mistrust of Lucas has become, "If it is an electrical problem it must be Lucas". SU made the pumps for the MGB, I'm not aware that Lucas ever made fuel pumps.
Paul Hunt 2

ell Paul,

For unreliability not only Lucas but many Bosch equipped cars are full of problems. It is not that components are cheap. But it is most of the time electrical connections the cause of malfunctions. I have owned Volvos, BMW & Volks with the same misbehaviour than my British cars for electrical. I do not catch why simple things like electrical connections are unable to resist some humid climate. An explanation: I know that in England it never rains, but some other parts of the world are not so lucky.

By the way it must be for the same reason that all Brit. cars convertibles leak water also. But this is another debate...



PS: I still prefer SU fuel pump with easy to replace points. Designed in the early 1900s but doing the job well.
Jean Guy Catford

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