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MG MGB Technical - Muffler

I am going to have to replace the muffler on my 71 MGB. Is there an after market muffler out there that will give "Precious" and bit more throaty, sexy sound?
r seaman

Mucho in the archives on this subject. I have an ANSA free flow exhaust that I found on Ebay (brand new) last year for $270. Not cheap, but it is a high quality unit made in Italy. Very classic look too.
Their motto: "il rumore viene suono" -the noise becomes song.
Andy Blackley

Yes, a ton of info in the archives. My vote is for a Peco system on the stock header. Deep but not too loud.
Steve Simmons

I use Maniflow one box, big bore. Good sound.

I've got two 18" glass packs on my B. I think it sounds great. Less than $40 each and minimal welding at the muffler shop. I got away with replacing center and rear mufflers for under $100.
Brad Batchelor

FWIW. when I replaced my muffler, i left out the centre part. Sounds perfect to my ears...

70 B
Ken Harris

I used a smaller and thinner than usual (that is, smaller than you usually see on the racks at the car parts store) 2" ID Turbo muffler for the forward unit, and then a short (about 12-14") 2" ID Glasspack tubular muffler/resonator at the very end of the 2" exhaust pipe. I had the muffler shop weld in a 2" pipe adapter at the downstream end of the collector pipe from the stock exhaust header (69 GT) so that I could run 2" pipe all the way. This gives a nice throaty sound, decent gas flow, and, when properly tuned elsewhere, about 20 mpg around town and 32-34 mpg on the open road. It seems to work.
Bob Muenchausen

Years ago, my rear/resonator rusted out. Being young and penniless, I merely replaced it with a length of pipe in order to pass the Texas state inspection. Gave it a nice deep rumble, yet still passed. Later I replaced the resonator, as I had a craving to hear that good ol' AM radio at anything above an idle.
R. L Carleen

I just redid my exhaust on the cheap and love it. I put a straight pipe in where the center muffler is and replaced the rear muffler with one from on online store for about $60. A muffler shop did it all for $40, and it sounds great.
The rear resonator looked ok, but apparently was faulty inside because it was way too loud. The new one looks the same and has a perfect throaty roar, but not too loud.

Got a Coyote (Tri-mil) "tri-y" header, stainless flex-pipe connector and straight tube to the 18-inch "cherry bomb" at the back with a pretty slash cut chrome tip (OK, pretty once but now corroded all brown). Used band-style clamps and ridgidly attached it to the car for more ground clearance.
Total cost couldn't have been more than $150 with 80% of that for the header... Of course that was 15 years ago. Best part was I did it all myself (I'm so proud)!


I'm still happy with 2" pipe from the headpipe back with a Dynomax Super Turbo muffler under the seat - no second muffler.

There is NO WAY a muffler of any description would fit under my seat! Lowering a chrome bumper MGB will do that.


Mike!, it's definately the low point on the car (66B). I'm going to use Dynomax's UltraFlo Welded P/N 17230 on the Chevy V6 when I get around to it.

Here're the specs:

2 1/2" inlet and outlet
6" diameter
21" overall length
16" case length
1,185 SCFM (according to Dynomax HP x 2.2 = SCFM requirement)
539 HP (that ought to be enough for a 210-220 HP engine)
Sport sound
Summit P/N WLK-17230

I'm thinking about using this with a 3.4 in a MGB with 2 1/2" pipe - need a round muffler so it'll fit by the gas tank and pick up an inch or more of ground clearance. Now it has the stock engine and there's 3 3/4" from the road to the turbo muffler mounted just behind the seat.

A Northwest tuner used to run dynaflow mufflers under the seat with 2" pipe from there back to a chrome tip. He claimed that he got better gas flow and reasonable sound deadening to keep the cops happy. FWIW.
Bob Muenchausen

I recently put a PECO system on my '69 B - left the stock header and pipe on. Always being behind the wheel, I never really get a feel for how it sounds. Well, my kid just took it out for an errand. I got to hear it come down the street, go by, shift, and go up the street. It sounds awesome!

Just my 2 cents!

CJ DeHaven

I run only a rear muffler, its a "Cherry Bomb" type (don't remember who makes it) but it's a simple glass packed 2" diameter in and out muffler. Sounds really strong without being too obnoxious on the road...actually it sounds great on the road; and it costs about $ 10.00 installed, 12 years and 65K miles ago.I think you can buy one via JC Whitney if you want.
G. Wayne Hardy

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