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MG MGB Technical - No fluid to back Brakes

Am restoring a 1973 MGB that had sitting for about 5 years. The front brakes are working fine. The rear brakes needed changed, so I change the rear brakes and wheel cylinders and brake line from under the hood to the rear. I tried bleeding the rear brakes and got no fluid. Could the dual line master cylinder be bad, feeding the front and not the back? Please Help. Thanks
CDB Chuck

Chuck if you unscrew the brake fail warning light switch and bleed the brakes with it out, then replace it when finished it should work. It should not loose fluid ftom there. Denis

Check the brake pipe that runs along the back axle. This quite often gets crushed by tow truck operators who attache their hooks around the axle when they tow a car or haul it onto a flattop transporter. Barrie E
B Egerton

Did you change the rear flexible? The rubber decomposes and blocks the line, especially bad when a clamp has been used while working on the rear brakes. If it needs changing, which it will if you didn't!!??!! Flush the lines out and, as Barrie said, check the X axle pipe for corrosion and crushing.
Allan Reeling

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