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MG MGB Technical - Oiling generator (dynamo)

How often do you put oil in the little hole in the back of the generator on early cars? I've given it a quick shot of WD-40 from time to time, but not lately. Is WD-40 ok to use? (nothing found in the archives)

Do not use WD-40 or similar penetrating oil/lubricants.

All that is required is a couple of drops of engine oil at each oil change. Once the felt wick is saturated it will provide sufficient lubrication between oil changes.

D. J. Broad

Glen - Dennis is correct, only use WD 40 for what it is intended, water displacement and preservation of metal parts. Use engine oil to oil the generator and additionally, make sure that the fan belt is run quite loose so there is not undue tension placed on the pully, which in turn causes the rear of the armature to place excessive on the outside portion of the rea bushing and causing it to wear out quickly. See tha article I wrote on this subject at:
This article is primarily aimed at T series owners, but also applies to MGAs and early MGBs with generators.
Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

Dennis and Dave, thanks. I'll put a couple drops of engine oil in there this morning. I recently changed the water pump and believe the belt has over 3/4" deflection between the generator and crank pulleys. Thanks for the tension tip too.

This thread was discussed on 18/04/2004

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