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MG MGB Technical - Peter Burgess Head

Three weeks ago I traveled up to the North of England to have a fast road head fitted to my 1967 MGB-GT. Peter and his team were great - Shawn fitted the head and Peter did the dyno run and adjusted the needles etc. A quick road test around the block showed hints of my anticipated three hour run home. The head transforms the cars performance and totally confirms what Peter says in his book, most of the power improvements are to be gained in the rework and flow of the head.

The head together with Peter's tuning has transformed my car. The torque band is nice and wide through the rev range, she revs more freely and uses less fuel to boot.

Peter and his crew (Shawn $ Keith) are great people, very knowledgeable and helpful - plus they supply great fish and chips if you stay through lunch time!!

Oh yes, Peter achieved 98 BHP from an otherwise standard engine.

Many thanks for the great service Peter!!!
J Harle

I imagine this is estimated flywheel power if the engine is otherwise standard. I would also guess that it's the big valve fast road head?
Stan Best

It is good you are pleased with the head but I don't think the people of Alfreton would like to be described as being in the "North of England". It may just feel like it when you have driven from West Sussex!
David Witham

I used Peter B several years ago and also had a fast road head fitted. Alfreton is pretty far south, by the way - it's nowhere near the north.!!! Like John I was delighted with the service and the result. We increased from a standard 65 to over 90 bhp at the wheels by simply changing the head. Standard cam, standard dizzy, K&N air filters with richer needles. And the engine would run on ordinary supermarket unleaded with no pinking or run-on. The only downside, which wasn't Peter's fault, was that the increased performance caused a blow-by from the piston rings and I started using more oil.

Peter and company are true enthusiasts and expert at what they do. Highly recommended.

Mike Howlett

Quite a few people around here thought I was looney for sending my head across the pond to Peter. Right up until they get behind the wheel and floor it!

The car still gives me a grin every time I drive it.

Paul K

I humbly apologize for geographically locating Alfreton in the North of England. Being American and having spent most of my years overseas, I claim spatial vectoring navigational ignorance and appreciate the education and correction. And you are correct, looking at a UP map and driving "up" from West Sussex felt like traveling to the North of UK.

So where does the North of England technically begin then?

Yes, it was a big valve fast road head and 98 BHP at the wheels as read on the Peter B dyno. Standard engine, K&N filters and an Aldon dizzy with points.

J Harle

So where does the North of England technically begin then?


As you have seen from the replies this depends on where you live in the UK.

If you are a Londoner, the North begins at the Watford Gap services, but if you are a 'Northener' going south I would say around Junction 15 on the M6 after which you are in the 'Midlands'

.....Others may disagree though!!

R J Collier

In my last post I avoided being drawn on where the North begins. However, if I remember correctly, Alfreton is in Derbyshire which I would say is one of the Midland counties.

I guess I look upon Lancashire and Yorkshire as being in the North.
David Witham

North of England , or north of United Kingdom ?

I live in Lancashire, there is only one more county north of me in England (Cumbria)

I regard both Derbyshire and Cheshire as North of England, to me the Midlands starts in Staffordshire......I suspect most 'Northerners' on this side of the hill would agree.
M Barnfather

This is EXACTLY why Texans speak the way we do. We don't like it when people think we come from the North, either.
Fred Doyen


Just to get the ball rolling a little more....An Oak tree at the village of Morton approx three miles away is reputed to be in the centre of England...I understand that this is maybe up and down, not left to right or land mass related? Tibshelf five miles away was the site for the first inland oil well, my Clayton rolling road rollers are, I am reliably informed, Texas oil pipe. Therefore, with no further ado, I declare us honorary Texans and as such, Southerners :)

peter burgess

Peter's logic is undeniable. Is someone from the USA going to send him a 10-gallon hat?
Mike Howlett

So, John, 98 at the wheels ( RWHP)with Peter's FRBV head, Aldon agressive (1963-1968 curve) respring and the stock cam and stock exhaust? Congrats, that's a bunch, more than I got with the same P. Burgess FRBV head, new 1 3/4 SU, PB 285, 1.55:1 rollers, 60 over 9.75 :1 compression, K&N, and a new Peco all the way out. Did they #6 re-needle you or just retune the existing? Vic
vem myers

Hi Vic

It could well be the rolling roads give different readings. Your package should show around 115 on our rollers if tuned correctly.What sort of figures for standard spec Bs UK and export?

Of late I am having problems getting the Bs to run on AAA needles...they go way too rich, I have the horrible gut feeling that the manufacturers may be grinding 'em a little differently from what I am used to.

peter burgess

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