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MG MGB Technical - Peter- Advice on the moss Super charger?

Hi Peter- to keep FR from busting my chops, I start this thread:

My recent efforts with On The Road Again Classic Restoration is congealing after a year of wonder what we are doing and can money actually be made somehow. I start the restructure on the previously amazing Moss supercharged engine with the much touted ( by me sorry to admit) 123RWHP (SAE), and 133# torgue, straight line A/f 13-12.5
I am still going with your 6 year old P270, Jacksons 1.55:1 rockers, the GB123 at #6 curve, and a recently created 4 inch diameter cold air intake experimenting with chilled both fuel and air, forced into induction with 2@ 22,000rpm 24volt blowers. Kinda precompression compression. I'm dialing the advance map to pass this midflat that seems to be cropping up on threads here on this BBS, mild retarding from 2800-3300, then all in by 35-3800, that being 28* ( via EDIS map when implanted). Although I've not recorded any ever to date. Going with leaded avgas at 118- that should do it eh?

I can't imagine you recall, but last Feb when I dynoed this car, we gained 10 RWHP by taking off the K&N. Thats why I'm over obsessing here. If I can tipover around 58-6ooo, it should be leg wobbling! Cheers vic

PS- Then we'll go to EDIS and see what we can see.
vem myers

Vem 28* is usually way too much even for a NA B engine let alone a boosted one. Your sure lighting the fire on the way up: Denis

Vic Take no notice of my last thread I was on the computer last night without my spec,s and I read in my mind 38*. Read it this morning and felt a real dill. This sort of thing makes me feel my age. Denis

D- The shadow of your mech-acumen casts long and wide. I figured you'd be back for a re-eyeballing. Are we all just getting older then without a perk in reach. I take no notice friend, Cheers Vic
vem myers

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