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MG MGB Technical - Replacing Pedal Pads (Brake/Clutch)

Good morning,

I have on-order a new set of pedal pads for my 1979 MGB. MGB has 75,600 miles and these are probably the original rubber pads. Clutch pad is worn real bad, brake side is a bit smooth.

The question: are these "pads" easy to take off (old) and replace with the new? Any "tricks" you may have to make this an easy project..... I know I am not the first one to do this... so please send me your replies.

Enjoy your day, Safety Fast!
Don 1979 mgb roadster

Never done it, washing up liquid is often effective as a lubricant though.
Stan Best

Hi Don

I used a knife to cut the old rubber. Slip the bottom round area first and then over the top corners one at a time. Worked for me.
Stu Rodger

Thank you neighbors from Canada, and from accross the "pond"..

Sounds like a simple task. I'll just cut off the old ones. Clean-up the surface, put a "little" liquid soap on the inside of the pad, start at top and #&%@!(*&^*, till it fits.

I didn't think there was any bolts/screws holding these on, I couldn't feel anything on the back of the pedal.

Have a GREAT day!
Don 1979 MGB

It's very easy. The new pads will still be supple so they will slip easily on the pedals.

The lip on the pedals fits in a groove in the rubbers. Despite this and not even being glued down, I've never had one come off.

Just peel back one corner to remove them, and fit the top edge of the new one over the lip, lay it down on the pedal, and flip the edge of the rubber over the lip all the way round. You may not even need a screwdriver, and washing-up liquid might just make them slippy to handle.
Paul Hunt 2

I have never found that any kind of lubricant is needed to get the pedal pads on. I don't think that I would use anything other than perhaps some water or alcohol if I dd need some lubricant so that it would evaporate in a short time. I have had the pads slip off (old, well worn pads) so I wouldn't want the remsins of washing liquid under the ads to make things even more slippery. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Hey, it's not mandatory, but it does work if you need it.
Stan Best

Thanks to all!

Once the pads get here I'll stick them on. If you saw my "other" thread, you will note that I was "missing" a spring on the clutch pedal. Soon as the parts get here I'll install.

Still can't understand how I could own this MGB and just now found out I was missing the spring!

Safety Fast,
Don 1979 MGB

My car was "missing" a spring as well, maybe never fitted. It did not seem to worry it for the first 30 years of its life.
Stan Best

Again, thanks to "all" that replied.

It is odd sometimes how everything works find.... and then we find a "part-missing" and get nervous...

But, I am sure I will feel better having that spring.

Safety Fast (with all of your parts),
Don 1979 MGB

The only problem I find is that as I got older the installation got more difficult. I guess the old body (mine) didn't bend and stretch as much as it used to.

George Herschell
George R Herschell

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