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MG MGB Technical - Restoring '68 GT

Hey all, just jumping over from the MGA board and will likely be spending a lot of time here soon. A friend and I have have just obtained a '68 GT which is a car that I have always really liked the looks of.It is a very straight, 99% rust free example and I am stoked to get on this puppy.

My question is, can you recommend the "must have" manuals or reference resources for restoring a "B" and a GT in particular besides the usual parts & service manuals?

Appreciate the help,

'58 MGA Roadster
'68 MGB GT
C. Merchant

"Original MGB" by Clausager is a terrific resource when you need to know exactly how something looked from the factory. Its also just fun to look at some really great looking MGB's.

It also has a timeline in the back that shows when certain options were added or things were changed, ordered by date and/or car number.
Paul Noble

The Lindsay Porter MGB Guide to restoration and repair book is useful too. They go through a rebuild of an MG and give good practical information. Amazon have it.
Simon Jansen


The above books are good to have. This web ring and the archives are some of the best reference resources there are out there.

I am truly amazed how many web locations the members have been able to direct me to for very specific information.

I am just finishing the restoration of a 67 GT and found the knowledge of this group absolutly invaluable.

Some searching of the archives will usually bring up a lot of information.

Bruce Cunha


The Haynes or 'Bentley' manuals coupled with BMC Workshop Manual are a must. Also, on the web, there are also PDF versions of various 'unobtainable' manuals; some of which have now actually been brought back into print (well in the UK at least).

I have the Special Tuning and SU carb manual in PDF format if you need. Don't remember where I got them from; there were more.

Iwan Jones

Go to the current MGB General thread here on Wiring Diagrams and download the one for your car from Dan Masters. Enlarge and Laminate at somewhere like Kinko's. You will be very glad you did. For odd, strange, unwarranted things you can do to a 68 BGT (like mine) you can always go to my site, for some ideas about how to "improve" some things, ;-)
Bob Muenchausen


I too am restoring a '68 BGT. I brought the car back from the dead about a year ago. I car is still far from done, but it is reliable enough to take me to and from the airport using airport transfers tonbridge a few times a week.
I have found the Bentley and Haynes manuals to be very handy. I like the Bentley more then the Haynes. My suggestion is to get two of each if you can. One for the shop that can get dirty, and one for refence out of the shop when you're not covered in dirt.
If you have any questions, I will be glad to share any of my newly obtained knowledge.

Steven J. Korotky

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