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MG MGB Technical - Running Problems with Zenith

I recently purchased a '79 MGB with 78,000 miles. The car is completely stock, with Zenith and full emissions equipment. The car was available because the PO and the shop couldn't get it to run.

I have had similar frustration. After changing the electronic ignition and setting the timing the timing I could get the car to start but it would cut out quickly. After rebuilding the carburetor (dirty but with no obvious problems) it runs better but still cuts out after five seconds or so. I then took off the catalytic converter on the off chance that it was clogged but that made no difference either. Compression is 140-150 on all the cylinders.

Although I will probably eventually convert to SU's I don't want to add an additional modification if the Zenith is not the problem. Does anyone have any ideas what my next step(s) should be?


jm McHugh

Is the fuel pump operating properly? How about the rest of the fuel delivery system, filter etc.?

Thanks Lou. I have tried this with no fuel filter. I get fuel flow but the result is the same.

jm McHugh

First, throw away the Zenith and use a HIF-44 from British Victoria or Moss. You have to block off the water choke on the back of the block and use a manual choke, but it works better and it is a SU carb. That is what I did to mine. It is mostly just a bolt up job.
Dale & Barb Mast

I did the Weber conversion on my 1980 MGB car. Bought the complete kit including Exhaust header from Bri-tech. I am quite satisfied with the Weber it starts and runs very very well. I also replaced the points with a Petronic electronic module.


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