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MG MGB Technical - Shock absorbers Apple Hydraulics

Has anyone purchased shock absorbers from Apple Hydraulics in New York? They list a price for the B at $102 for front and $75 for the rear. This is a lot less than Moss but are they any good?
LS Sheldon

They are probably ok, but if you have the original shocks, I would recommend sending them to Peter Caldwell at World Wide Auto Parts of Madison for restoration. It will be around the same price, but you will wind up with a vastly superior product. I'm sure others will chime in with confirmation of this. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Just got rear shocks back from World Wide. $140 (for 2) + cores and shipping of about $11 each way. Mailed them USPS Monday morning and had the replacements the following Friday.

Nice folks.
T Lea

I originally used rebuilt lever arm dampers from Apple Hydraulics on my MGB. When then-teenage #4 Son built his own MGB, I donated them to him and replaced them on my car with rebuilt ones from World Wide Auto Parts up in Madison, Wisconsin. The ones from Apple Hydraulics started leaking badly after about five years of service, but the ones from World Wide are still functioning flawlessly after almost ten years of service.
Stephen Strange

Go with World Wide, you won't regret it. Peter upgrades the shocks using a seal at the shaft that the factory didn't use. This is a great improvement and the shocks will probably outlast your car. RAY
rjm RAY

X 2, what Ray said. Peter is also great to talk with and help if needed. quick turn around also!
kelly stevenson

THANKS everybody. World Wide is the way I will go.
LS Sheldon

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