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MG MGB Technical - Single to dual brake circuit

Has any body changed a single brake circuit to a dual brake circuit? Is it worth doing.
Also nay one ever put discs all round? perhaps it's a bit OTT.

Before the twin circuit direct acting servo brakes were fitted to all late MGBs there was a twin circuit no servo master cylinder used on US cars and certain other export cars. If you want to convert a single circuit non servo car to dual circuit that master cylinder is worth a look. My Feb 74 US spec car had one.

I have seen then for sale in an SC Parts advert recently.

With a RHD car the outlets are in a difficult place but on a left hand drive car they are easy to work with.
David Witham

I have put the late dual circuit assembly with in-line servo into my 1969 UK spec car. It is not straightforward change as the pedal box is quite different as are the pedals. You have to open up the hole in the bulkhead where the pedals go down as the late assembly needs more space. I also had to bash a small depression in the inner wing to allow room for the servo.

As for rear wheel disc brakes, I have the Hoyle engineering rear suspension which comes with Ford disc brakes as standard.

Mike Howlett

Picture of pedals.

Mike Howlett

Picture of rear discs.

Mike Howlett

That looks very neat Mike

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