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MG MGB Technical - Steering Column

Steering Column

I am wondering. I have an early 1966 column. It is making some noise, and is loose. I am thinking about opening it up and replacing the bushing, but I wonder if now is not the time to put in a later model collapsible column that might be a little safer in an accident? What years have this collapsing shear pin? Is it a bolt in switch and is it worth the effort???
Frank Baker

Hi Frank.

I dont think that it is a straight swap. If you have a chrome bumper car, there are a number of significant differences on the RB steering column.

The RB one is shorter, both external housing and internal shaft, there are differences in the upper mounting, and the lower end mounts on a cone that is recessed in the firewall from the engine side. The universal joint is largely inside this cone.

To make up the difference in length, the pinion shaft is longer, and the rack mounts on a skew so that the two shafts can meet at the universal joint.

It can be done - but there is a fair bit of modification required.

Ian F

Ian Fraser

Thanks, That is what i wanted to know
Frank Baker

Frank, the RB column definately won't fit, but CB cars from chassis #258000 up to the RB cars had a collapsible column. It used a different lower mounting & bulkhead seal. Whether the steering wheel splines are the same & the indicator cancel is the same I don't know. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

RE collapsible columns:

When you find one, check closely that it does not have slop between the sliding (collapsible) inner shafts. There is supposed to be a small nylon bush on the end of the inner one that prevents the slop. My bush disintegrated and dissappeared several years ago and caused an almost continuous (probably still safe enough but very annoying) clicking in normal driving.

Richard Smith

Thanks, I think the rack and pinon spline pitch did not change, but I will check. If that is true, I think you just gave me the answer I was looking for - Thanks. I need to get a CB column and take a look.

I also "got it" check for slopbetween the inner shafts. Save myself some problems. Got it - Great advice (love to use other people's experience - it is much cheaper than gaining my own)

F Murch

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