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MG MGB Technical - Steering shaft diameter (B vs Midget)

Posted this question on the midget/Sprite Technical page. Hoping to get some feedback on this side, as well.

Thread: midget/sprite steering shaft diameter???
Posted 30 December 2005 at 03:52:41 UK time
Steve Buchina, Alabama, USA,

Just received an early 60's style steering wheel purchased through ebay. Wheel was to replace the damaged wheel (original) on a 1966 MGB. The splined steering shaft on a B is approx. 0.75 inches. The internal hub diameter on this replacement wheel is approx. 0.60 inches. I'm wondering if this wheel is from a midget or sprite? Tried a quick search, but couldn't find any info. on shaft size. Hoping someone on this board can share some knowledge.

Steve Buchina

FWIW three different steering columns were used on the MGB over the years, the wheels are not interchangeable between them.
Paul Hunt 2

Well, I have an old hub that came with a wheel I purchased on Ebay and the hub hole is about .69". I purchased the correct hub (larger) to fit. How many splines are there?

Jeff Schlemmer

Thanks to Paul and Jeff for you comments. My question is now moot. Sent wheel (ebay item #4598094890) back to seller for refund.

This wheel was described as an "Early MGB Steering Wheel (1962-1967). Presumed original, excellent condition..." It did match, at first glance, my original '66 wheel. On closer examination of ad photos, did note that the casting pattern inside the hub was different from my original wheel. Mentioned this to seller in an email, but hoped it might just represent variance in casting dates (e.g., '65 vs 66). Being in "excellent condition" would be an understatement for what was pictured in the ad and what I received. The wheel looked almost new. Too good to be true. I was fortunate, the seller was very apologetic an offered an immediate refund. I'm guessing that this ebay item represented an after market replacement wheel for either a midget or sprite.

I've learned a lesson - look (very carefully) before you leap on an ebay purchase. Wouldn't it be nice to catalog (on one web site) every part on an MGB and present descriptions and 360 photos to assist in authenticating replacement parts. Ebay sellers present thousands of MGB parts every year. Most sellers, I feel, are honest and do their best to accurately describe what they're trying to sell. But, like my latest purchase, mistakes are sometimes made (on both sides).
Steve Buchina

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