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MG MGB Technical - 'stick on' wood dash for B?

Does any one have any experience with the Stick on type wood dash kits commonly sold in the Moss cat. as well as others?
When I recovered this vehicle from the Ex. there was one in the trunk...purchased but never installed. Any insight, opinions etc. on the product before commit myself to it?
J A Kelly

J A Although I've never done one on an MG I have a little experience on other marcs the key is the quality of the kit and since you have it, hold it up in place either you will like it or not. RIC
R E L Lloyd

Had really good luck with kit I purchased from Moss. It was a breeze to put in my 79 B, with only some very minor trimming that I did with a good pair of scissors! It makes for a nice impression particularly with my wood steering wheel and shift knob.

Thanks gentlmen,
coincid. mine is a 79, and it is a moss kit.
would love to see a photo if yu don't mind, You can e-mail me at the above address.
Jim kelly

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