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MG MGB Technical - Suspension Replacing bushings?

Good morning,

Question.... I have a 1979 mgb roadster that I would like to replace the suspension bushings. Currently they are probably the original rubber type. They look very old, cracked. The "B" has 75,700 original miles.

I only have just basic tools, is this a "project" that could be done over the winter by taking apart one part.... replace bushing(s) and then reinstall before removing another part? How difficult is this project? Any special tools required to do this project?

My MGB is only used for fun driving, plans are to install basic bushings.... or is there an advantage to upgrading to a better set of bushings?

Looking for your "tips" of advice.

Don 1979 MGB

Hey's easy...and kinda fun...I did em all within the last year...and the improvement is obviuos...I used the red bushings...much better and more durable than the rubber...remember to keep the anti-seize handy...

Don, you can do one side at a time. The tools you will need are shown in this link.
Here is another link.
When you start post any specific questions may have on the BBS for a quick answer.

Clifton Gordon

steering wheel Obviously, there is no single
Steve S.

hey all, thanks for the support and the links.

Steve, it appears as though I should plan on doing more than I first planned on doing. My original plan was to just replace the "Lower A Arm bushings" with a set of the V8 set from Moss. Is this possible or does everything have to come-a-part to do this?

If everything has to come apart I may go with "If it's not broke, don't fix it"... as it works ok, I just thought they should be replaced.


Hi Don
I replaced all my bushes with yellow poly ones, and fitted front and rear Koni's.
The ride was much tighter but much harder. In fact too hard.
I have since done as per recommendation from a V8 builder that if you are not taking it on the track use standard bushes all round (except for the V8 one) and fit uprated lever arms.
It sound as if you are on a similar track.
I am happy to replace the bushes ever year if I can have a happy wife sitting next to me with all of her fillings in tact!!
D M Tetlow

Don, Yes you can replace only the lower a frame bushings.

Clifton Gordon

As Clifton said, yes, you can do just the lower bushings. However, If I was going to jack up the front end of the car and take the trouble to replace the lower bushings, I'd go ahead and check out the rest of the system so that I could spot trouble coming early rather than wait until I was faced with more expensive repairs.
Steve S.

In contrast to the above poster recommending rubber bushings + V8's for the inner A-arms, I'd say go for polyurethane bushings throughout - Superflex / Superpro "Blue" grade bushings are similar 'hardness' to rubber, yet are almost impervious to wear and will last MUCH longer than much of the poor quality rubber around these days.

I'd also advise that once you start getting things apart you WILL see other bits that need replacing (frozen bolts, a-arm holes elongated, worn dampers, oil the steering rack, new brake bits etc. etc.)...still once it's all done, you will have learned a lot about what makes the front end tick, and you can drive with piece of mind that it's better than new.

Good Luck!

Curtis Walker

Has anyone used the red bushings Moss supplies? Are they soft enough for a comfortable ride? Or are they more for track use?
Dave E

Good afternoon,

Sorry I was away for a while and just now received your replies. I do want to keep a good ride, but also want to use quality parts (not used for high speed or track, just normal driving). Checking out Moss's newest (Fall & Winter) page A38 they list the V8 Lower A Arm Bushings $14.95 a set.... now I need your help!

Looking underneath my MG, most of the other rubber parts are cracking very bad... See page 46 Moss: Bush sway bar #2, Rubber Mount #5, what else (part(s)) should I be looking at? I understand that if the wishbone arms have enlarged oval holes I should replace these too (front back, both sides?) or just only the one if bad?

If I am not taking the whole front suspension off from the frame do I need to replace/change Mounting pads????

Note: the steering rack seal/boot (new)was recently done.

Please remember this will be a winter project, so I can take my time and order parts as needed, if needed. But, I don't want to do any thing stupid either.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Don 1979 MGB

Wow, Steve S

Don, I'm using the blue grade poly bushes. They are very good. They are firm, but not harsh. I replaced almost new rubber bushes and poly blue was a very noticable improvement. Allot less crash and rattle and more precise. Feels like a modern suspension. They are constructed in two halves that go over a stainless centre sleeve. Nice easy job to fit, and when you do up the nut they squeeze very tight which is alot of why they are so much better than rubber. make sure you use the special lubricant that comes with them, otherwise they may squeeck.
The shocker bushes are a little less easy to fit. You need to squeeze them a little and wriggle to get them in between the shocker arms. I used a G clamp and a couple of flat bits of metal. Not hard just not as easy as the lowers, which a child could do.
Don't bother with the pads unless you really want to. I replaced them but haven't noticed any difference there.
I havn't done the rear spring bushes and can't say for sure, but I've read that some people have had trouble doing them.
P.N. Sherman

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