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MG MGB Technical - Trunk gas strut or telescopic prop

Any advice out there on the advantages / disadvantages of a gas strut verses a self triggering trunk prop.
The above items in the Moss Catalouge state that they are for 1971 MGB onwards. I have a 1970 model, was there a change in the position of the mounting brackets on the vehicle after 1970?
These items appear to be a good upgrade for a daily driver.
David Levy


I've had 3 types of trunk/boot rods.

The early rod which is just that a rod that needs to be pulled out and set in the hole to hold the lid up.

The self triggering rod. This rod has to be raised a little before attempting to close the boot

The gas struts.

The first is just a pain. Requires 2 hands to raise and lower the boot.

The self triggering rod has caused many boot lids and hoods to suffer from bends or cracks. The reason is people try to push the lid down before lifting it. My wife did this on our first MGB several times and finally cracked the skin on the boot lid before I replaced the lid and sold the car.

On my most recent MG (1968 roadster), I've put the gas struts on both the boot and bonnet(sp?) I'm very pleased with both sets. The bonnet raises to about 70 degrees giving me much better access to the engine and the boot raises evenly and no more bends/cracks.

If originality is not a big concern for you, the gas struts are a definate improvement over the original props whatever their style. The gas strut kits work well on steel bonnets only. Do not try on an aluminum bonnet. The kits also had all of the parts to make the connections with minimal drilling or work. I did have to remove the prop locating piece for the bonnett. On the boot, I had to remove the prop. Overall it only took about 2 hours to install both.


Cris DeYoung

I put the gas struts all around on my car. I'm 6'-4" tall and before I almost had to kneel on the ground to look under the bonnet. Now with the extra opening, it's a pleasure to work on it.
CDD Dewey

Here is a site worth looking at:

Yes...please check the link that DS Sukel provided!

I have the struts in stock for bonnet, bootlid, and GT hatch; and can ship to Australia.

rick ingram
Pieces of Eight!
rick ingram

OK, A little off-topic question. I have the dual gas struts on my '79 "B", and had thought about trying to fit them to my '57 "A" (with aluminum bonnet w/ steel framework). Is this a no-no? I have never heard of them for the MGA. Is this why?
Howard Battan

I do NOT recommend the use of gas charged struts with aluminum bonnets as the pressure exerted against the bonnet when attempting to close same may well indeed lead to a bent bonnet. This is why I have a disclaimer on the website and other materials warning against their use with MGB/MGC aluminum bonnets.

Caveat emptor.

rick ingram

Having had an MGA with an original alloy hood, I would agree with Rick! You would be better off finding a telescopic stick or the like. I used a leg off an old tripod found in the "as is" pile at the local thrift store. Folded up, easy to hide, and gave plenty of lift (hood essentially vertical when fully extended and anchored on one of the thumbnuts for the valve cover).
Robert Muenchausen

One of the most satisfying upgrades on my GT was getting rid of those snail-shell springs and installing gas struts instead. Almost feels like a modern car!
Adam Birnbaum

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