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MG MGB Technical - Unusual brake set up?

The brake pipes on my '67 Roadster (single circuit) are run so that the pipe for the rear brakes splits off before the servo. I assume it gives more bias to the front. I'm about to replace a couple of the pipes and wonder if I should put things back to normal or if this is an established or sensible modification? The car brakes well, and currently the fronts lock before the rears.
Steve Postins

Wow, demon tweak Steve! Not something I've come across before but it would certainly cure rear wheel locking as there's a big difference in pedal pressure between servo and non-servo.

Perhaps the PO had very hard front pads or the rears were grabbing? Certainly the rears can be powerful on a B and can lock. Maybe he'd had them lock on him going into a bend?

Whatever, I know I'd service both ends with modern friction and put the servo on both or not at all. If you go racing and find the backs locking the usual way is a balance valve or smaller bore rear cyls.

Mine doesn't have a servo and I thought about it but decided I'd sooner not rely on the brakes too much with single circuit, skinny tires and no ABS. Instead I fitted Greenstuff pads which do have a bit more bite and balance things up quite well. Rich.


Servo ratio is not great on the B somewhere about 1.6/1 if I remember but your mod would cut down hydraulic pressure to rears. I don't have any problems with rears locking up on my roadster and wonder if by chance a PO fitted GT rear cyls to your car which would of course encourage rear wheel lock up in which case your mod would have been a clever way round the problem. I'd have to agree with Rich as I too would want to pipe the car as standard and also check that the correct rear cyls were fitted.

Mixed reports on green stuff pads, I've got standard Lockheed materials front and rear.
Iain MacKintosh

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