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MG MGB Technical - Where can I find ( two part quesiton)

Replacing the carpeting in my 67 BGT. Where can I find, or what are others using that works to replace the jute underpad material?

Also. This vehicle has the cloth wiring loom. Anyone know if there is a material that can be used to patch worn areas? Rather have a cloth than just wrap tape around it.
Bruce Cunha

I just replaced the jute underlay with what looks like compressed cotton waste material, I got from a local motor trimmer (6'x4'x0.5"-$25) also the local parts shop had similar with foil backing marketed as sound/heat insulation at twice the price. Seems OK. Anything is a mess when it gets wet though.
Have noticed some carpet sets have underlay attached.

Bruce, I bought underlayment from MacGregor; the Roadster Factory may also carry it.
Did you try british wiring for the loom cloth?
D F Sexton

Or you could do as the Hot Rodders are us this:

This is just one of many companies with this type of product.

Also, Do a Google search.


Bryan Prindle

For my 67B I cleaned up the wire loom using black cloth ribbon I got at Walmart. I finished with glue at the ends. It looked surprisingly good for a couple of years till I got it rewired properly.
carl w french 1


Great idea. Should be able to pick up some material with a slightly similar weave and just sew in over the bare areas. That may look ok.

Thickness of old jute is around 1/4 inch. I ordered some of the foil backed soundproofing that Moss sells but it is nearly 1/2 inch. That might be a bit thick.

Also ordered a roll of what Victoria sells with all their carpet kits. Think it will turn out to be foam.

I do plan to put sound deadening (the thin stuff) on the metal surfaces prior to putting the carpeting down. Dynamat is good, but a bit pricy.
Bruce Cunha

I used that roll of insulating material, with the shiny heat reflector on the floor and tunnel before laying in the carpets. It seems to keep the cockpit cooler and quieter.


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