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MG MGF Technical - [Return of my car] from VVC knock / cambolt failure.

Hi everyone!

I got my car back yesterday, and today bloody brake light was on all the time, so I was playing around with the switch :). WD40 + Bluetac made it work after playing with it 3 times!

Back to the car:

Total price = $1110 dollars inc. tax in NZ dollars (includes parts cam gear / cam belt / oil / brake oil / gear box oil etc.)

Separate modified parts = 150 pounds (Trophy throttle / VVC engine saver kit / cat bypass)

My new mechanic is brilliant. Nice chap very helpful, even asking me if the bill sounds fair to me. He offered to help me and teach me for further services later on. He told me that I can use his workshop anytime and ask him stuff there as long as I don't bother his work. Looks like his got a loyal customer :)
He has been a Rover mechanic for 17 years or so. Was service manager for Rover city since 1995.

He did:

1) Find the fault on the car (very severe knocking)
2) Figured out that there was a damage on cam gear / cam bolts and cam shaft.
3) Tried best to source cheapest priced parts.
4) Cam gear replaced
5) Touched up cam shaft to make it as good as new :)
6) Pressure test etc.
7) Cambelt change

all 4.5 hours

1) oil change
2) coolant check (was perfect)
3) gear box oil change (was empty!! I was lucky to find it at 0.5Liters....)
4) bleed brake hoses / fill again
5) clean fuel system
7) check the whole vehicle through out

all 2 hours.

Put modified parts into engine
1) Trophy throttle
2) Cat bypass

all 1 hour.

Total 7.5 hours.

The price was pretty good I reckon.

I was lucky to get the car into the garage on time, by help from you guys and Mike Satur.

If left longer, the engine replacement probably was required.

The outcome. Great!!!

Throttle very crisp. Fast. Exhaust noise is louder but not intruding.

Better than before!!

And I am glad that I got a good mechanic that I can go to now...

thanks all to you guys as well!

Hanah Kim

Hi Hanah,
so where do I find this mechanic?

Cheers, Neil
(PS. have you joined the MG Car Club in Auckland yet?)
Neil Courtney

Dear Courtney,

He is brilliant.

His name is Terry Kelk.

His own workshop is called 'Heritage Mechanical Services Ltd'

Address: Unit 1/71 The Concourse, Henderson. [Off the Lincoln ramp from Highway 16]

Phone: 09-838 2100
Mobile: 025-909551

He has an email address but best to talk to him person to person. He is a great genuine guy.

Tell that Han told you about it ;)

Hanah Kim

Hanah Kim

Nice one Hanah! :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob.

Today I went to my mechanic's garage and spent 5 hours fixing the door rattle.

He has been an absolute help, and we ripped the door apart. It was not the window rattle, but rather it was to do with door hinge. We filed out some metal on the door, and the knocking is gone for now!

Put the windows and door together using loc-tite made
as if they are gonna last forever! ;)

So... one rattle down.

Now looking for more rattles, but can't think of any
so far.. or can't hear any.... :-)))

I am happy.
with the car / and the mechanic.

Oh yeah of course. No charge. I just bought him
some beer.

Hanah Kim

That's great news. With the demise of Auckland's only approved MG service centre I've been looking around for someone with enough experience to do my 5-year service (plugs, cambelt, etc). Do you think Terry's up to it?
Alister Louis

Dear Alister,

Yes, I have asked Terry for a 5 year service on my F as well while doing the engine fix.

He will do a great job at a very honest cost. I don't think I will try to haggle prices with him as he is good, he won't over-charge you.

Give him a call, and tell him that Han sent you.

I already told him about advertising on this BBS and as well as word of mouth advertisement that I am doing at the moment, so give him a call (he is very easy to talk to) & let him know about me and the F you have!

Oh by the way, yesterday's window work, I did most of it, he just helped me. So he WILL ask for payment for that 5 yr service. ;)) (wink) <--> Just to let you know he is doing the business... not a free garage. Hehehe

But honestly go for it, we have found a gem for our Fs in Auckland!


(Soon I will be making a web page for the workshop for him, will let you know)

Hanah Kim

Hi Alister,
another Westie you might like to contact is Paul Walbran, of Paul Walbran Motors, in Laingholm, Ph. 817-8194, and for one on the Shore, Shell Glen Park, Glenfield, Ph. 419-7506. Paul is a long standing MGCC member, and has been in the business for a long time, and Glen Park did my front brakes, pads and rotors, recently, and seem to know what they are about. Also, ther are about half the price of Roverland, the North Shore mgf service agents.

Cheers, Neil
Neil Courtney

Neil that's great to hear that there are more people who can service our cars!

Terry charges $60 + GST / HR. This is a lot cheaper than Roverland Glenfield who charges $85 + GST. And I hate the manager there. He overcharges I reckon.

And Terry does absolutely a better job.

Mind you Neil, that I asked Paul first for the repair on my car, and he recommended Terry. Even Paul brings his MGF and the Rover 216sli to Terry for modifications and repair. Paul is an expert on MGBs / MGAs, etc. though.

Neil where abouts are you?

I live right opposite to Pupuke golf course in a
Bays Dental Surgery building ;-)

Hanah Kim

I live in Redvale. Just up the road a bit. It is time you joined the MG Car Club and came on a few runs. There are several F drivers in the club from the Shore. Email Sue Martin at
Neil Courtney

Yes, I will email her soon :)
thank you.

I actually have received a form before, but never had a chance to join... I will have a look for it, but if I can't find it, i will have to get the form again.

Hanah Kim

Hi guys,

I've come across Paul before, but West Auckland's a bit far for me unless they can provide a suitable loan vehicle *8).

I found out that the Landrover Centre also services MGF's and they "only" charge $75 per hour - and they're supposed to be the same outfit as Roverland! Since they're only 5-10 minutes down the road I might check them out, and let you know how it went.

P.S. does the 5-year service include the standard air filter?
Alister Louis

Alister ask for a quote for 5 yr service, before you leave the car there.

Hope it works out well for you.

Terry's workshop is quite close to city by highway 16. It's at Lincoln. Pretty much.

If I were you i will never trust the monkeys at Landrover / Roverland again. Except when I need the testbook.... :)

Best of luck.

Hanah Kim

Hanah, what's the problem with Roverland? Attitude? Workmanship? Customer service?
Alister Louis

Personally haven't tried the Panmure one..
but from Glenfield.

1) They are so bound to money.
2) They charge too much
3) Parts people are good though, I know a few of them
4) Worksmanship I would say it's doubtful, as I have done 40000km checkup, and didn't even go through gearbox oil, as it was almost empty and almost destroyed my gearbox.
5) Wouldn't even attemp to adjust windows rattling, as they say it's designed to be so. (Good one dumb apes)

I personally wouldn't trust Rover again. All our family cars (except for the new Rav4) will be going to Terry for mechanical services.

Good luck!

Hanah Kim

Oh yeah guess what happened to my car.

as you read through this thread, I specifically asked them to tighten the cambolt nuts to them.

they haven't even opened the plastic covers, and told me 'they are tight and good sir'

arse hoooles.. pay for my bill! (haha doubt it)
Hanah Kim

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