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MG MGF Technical - K&N

ive been looking at a lot of threads and a lot go on about their K&N ,roaring when they put their foot down ect, i have a stainless dtm type big bore exhaust on my 1.8i and what a lovelly noise it makes to,my question is are they easy to fit yourself i see they are about
david morris

In a word, yes. If you can afford it however, get an ITG Maxogen (and can stretch to the £250 price tag).

They're both pretty easy to fit if you know one end of a wrench from the other.

- Andy
Andy Gilhooley


Two words.

Get it!!!

Will give you 8bhp. IT will give u more power than your exhaust change.

They say it's the best 90 quids they spent...

I have one as ewll.
Hanah Kim


Do it!

Get the instructions that many other 'F'ers have put together, really supplements the K&N instructions. If you've never worked on a car before or never had the engine cover off your F, set aside a couple of hours to do it.

You will want to take your time to make sure you don't mess up, this adds to the suggested time of 45mins to an hour. Belive me, do go easy and have a good nose around the engine and underneath the car so you can really familiarise yourself with it while your at it. Might be useful later in your Fs life, especially if you are going to do some work on it yourself.

I love my K&N. It sounds great, goes great and gives slightly better mpg on a steady long run!

All for £90. Surely this much fun for that money can't be legal!!!
Billy Bob


I'm investigating this alternative to the ITG Maxogen. The Elise boyz seem to rate it ... at £150 its not much more than a K&N and no doubt will offer a smoother power gain ...


Thanks all for your comments much appreciated i shall be getting one or tother asap cheers charlie T6 DCM.
david morris

Been reading about the same thing Gaz...
Rob Bell

Paid £80 for mine all in at the N.E.C. from demontweaks. 40 min to fit. Give them a ring. Paul...


Go for it; from memory, only one guy who converted to the K&N took it off again.

Gaz. The Hurricane looks like a professional version of the flower-pot idea which a few of us have fitted already.

I found I had to fit the air inlet into the side of the airbox rather than the end because of lack of room in the engine compartment. Logically the Hurricane arrange is better, so I'd be interested to know if you can fit it all in without any tight bends in the air inlet.



As an Elise ownwer who has just fitted the Hurricane I can really recommend it. I don't know the internal layout of the F but in the Elise the Hurricane offers the advantage of sealing onto the side air intake therefore drawing colder air from outside the engine bay. Many Elise owners who just fit K&N's , Piper etc directly onto the throttle body are disapointed by the performance due to the hot air problems.


M.A. Slater


I'm definitely 'warming' to the Hurricane box ... did you order it straight from the Netherlands? I've emailed Tuning Concept for some more info but have had no reply.

Unlike the the Elise (I'm presuming here) the poor design of the side air vents on the *F* coupled with the restricted air flow through the engine bay prevents a substantial amount of air from being scooped/rammed into the engine bay (via the vents that is). Like the K&N air intake pipes I may have to extend and/or route the Hurricane cold feed pipe under the car where the air temp is lower and the ramair effect is more likely to occur.

Thanks for the info ...


I may have one used K&N kit for sale soon £40. Anyone interested email me at

I've an ITG maxogen with cool box fitted to my VVC and wouldnt go back. The sound apparently isnt as intrusive as the K&N (personal taste) but the power delivery on the ITG is excellent.
I may go for the Daytona exhaust from mike satur next......
anyone got one??


If the filter is enclosed then the air will get sucked into the engine from the side intake. You don't need the "ram" air effect in that case. It is safer to put the pipe at the side intake as you don't want the engine to suck road dirt (or even water) from under the car- this is a risk with an enclosed system.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Gaz, I've written about the side intake on the other thread entitled 'Considerations for the flowerpot mod.'

Basically, because you want an intake charge to be as dense as possible, you want the intake to draw from an area of still air. Given that this is our requirement, the observation that air flow is practically stagnant over the MGF's side engine air vents means that in fact this is an ideal location to have an air intake.

Any ram effect will be provided by the design of the air box- in particular the taper of the intake to the 'box (this is why the ITG is designed the way it is)

Go for it Gaz- it'll be interesting to hear how an F owner gets on with the Hurricane kit.
Rob Bell


Yes I bought the Hurricane direct from Yvo. Try mailing him directly I think sometimes they are ‘away from the office’ so this could be why you’ve not a had a reply. I know that they are working on the Hurricane for other cars (VX220) but I don’t know where they are up to with the F. For the Elise it worked out at £ 160 as there is an 18 euro P7P charge. Also they can’t take C/Cards so the transfer will cost you a tenner (approx)

It sounds like the air intakes and subsequent hot air problems are similar to the Elise. I was poised to buy the PTP/ITG for the Elise but then the Hurricane came along and appeared to be just as good but less expensive. As I said in the last post its great, most noticeably the torque & throttle response.

Appears to be well put together as well. Take a look at this pic, you can see the ducting which is secured onto the subframe and disappearing down to the side vent on which the adapter seals perfectly.

(might have to cut/paste)

Regards to all

M.A. Slater


I've got the reply back from Yvo at Tuning Concept. They can provide the Elise kit with a longer cold feed hose (approx 1m) to connect to the left hand air vent on the F.

They will be producing a kit for the F. The only thing not F specific at the moment is the length of cold air hose and an adapter to connect to the air vent.

Rob ... have a look at the pic of the Hurricane do you reckon the Elise air vent adapter could be modified to fit into the F air vent. I'm getting the diameter measurements from Yvo. He was going to supply the kit without the adapter but I think it could just work.


Gaz, I think that space is going to be the over-riding factor and will provide the most headaches- I hope I am wrong.

Looking at the cold air hose, comming off as it does from the end of the air box, the duct on the F then has to dive off down ward to the near side vent. This isn't a problem on the Elise as the air vent is practically on a level with the throttle body, but on an F is about 50 cm below this level. Therefore the tubing needs to be bent at nearly 90 degrees at the air box end, and again at the air intake. I don't think that you'll have too much trouble frabricating at connection to draw air in here. So my questions are: 1. how flexible is the pipe that Yvo supplies and 2. how undesirable is it having these two tight turns to air flow? I think this is why the ITG filter box solution (air intake to the side of the airbox) is probably the better for the F- especially as the answers to the two questions can probably only be answered by a trial fit and some on-road experience.
Rob Bell


Points noted ... if you look at the Seat setup the cold feed hose appears reasonably flexible, there is almost a 90 degree bend there to the front of the car. I guess in the F its going to be almost an 'S' bend from the filter to the air vent.
I noticed from Mike pic the filter box appears to be supported by a bracket - I guess this was not part of the kit but from the original filter ...


>>I guess in the F its going to be almost an 'S' bend from the filter to the air vent.<<

Yes, I think that is exactly right. As you say, the Seat application seems to suggest a nicely flexible hose- so that should answer question 1... :o)
Rob Bell


The pipe is very flexible and does an excellent job of retaining its internal bore. 90 deg will be no problem at all. I should know I spent ages playing with it before installation (very addictive), you will see if you get one

M.A. Slater


Another point now I have read your post again. The bracket is from the original airbox but can't be removed as it is also a bracket for other stuff. No part of the Hurricane is connected to it at all, it just looks that way in the pic. The airbox relies on the strong throttle body attachement and the ducting being tied *very tight* to the subframe.


Excellent, I'm ordering one as soon as Yvo gets back to me ... off to fit the Trophy 160 TB now ...


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