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MG MGF Technical - 12 volt supply in engine bay


Can anyone tell me where I can pick up an easily accessable 12 volt supply in the engine bay. I want a supply that is live when the ignition lights are on and when the car is running. I have a 1996 1.8 MPI MGF.Thanks
David Law

Dieter is your friend...
Will Munns

There's a Brown/Slate wire from the MEMS Relay unit (black box like a wedge of cheese mounted under the MEMS unit left hand side)which supplies the fuel pump.

If you don't mind the supply remaining on for up to 9 mins or so after switch off then there is a Brown/Pink wire from the MEMS Relay unit to the purge valve on the Evaporative Cannister on the back wall of the engine compartment. There are two wires running to the purge valve; the other wire is Yellow/Orange.


Bruce Caldwell

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