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MG MGF Technical - 12 Volts in engine bay

I am looking for a 12 Volt supply in the engine bay. Does anyone know where there are (preferably) some spare connectors to attach to? I really want ingnition "on" connections. Please advise.
T Green

Heavy / medium or low current demand ?


Current deamnd is very low - about 200mA max. Its for the coolant level monitor that I am testing.
T Green

I would go for a tap from the MEMS relay module. The black box near the MEMS alu-casing. There are a few good candidates! The oxygene sensor relay is always on with ignition as well as fuel pump relay. And of course in the same box there is "main relay".
Oxygene sensor out is UR = blue /red. Fuelpump is WP = Wite / violet . And Main relay WK = white / pink.

Tell us Your outcome of this interesting add-on !

Best regards , Carl.

This thread was discussed between 29/10/2001 and 30/10/2001

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