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MG MGF Technical - 16 Inch Wheels

Anyone in Aus have a set of 16" wheels they would like to sell on?

I have a set (4) of refurbished Trophy wheels (16x7) that I may be persuaded to part with. However they won't be cheap!
Tony Todd

OK, roughly what sort of $$ are we talking. I have my oxygen ready..............

Hope you are sitting down! I recently purchased these wheels at auction and had them professionally refurbished. I also purchasd new centre caps. Soooooo, I need to get $425 per wheel to cover costs. Maybe one for the "good idea while it lasted" category?
Tony Todd

Why not get in touch with Magikwheels on Ebay and see how much they want for shipping. I understand that it's them that actually make the MG TF 160 wheels.
David Clelland

Thanks, I'll try that idea David. Tony, $425 a corner did give me heart failure but I understand your need to cover costs.

RDM, If you want to discuss it further, contact me offline on
Tony Todd

No thanks mate, we will ship in a set from UK, or maybe a holiday to London is on the cards.

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