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MG MGF Technical - 1.8 power output?

hi there,i am looking to but a 1.8mgf but unsure about the power output=bhp
looking at a 2001 1.9 se eds{hope thats right}-owner says its 135bhp but thought 1.8 was 120bhp and 1.8vvc was 145?
any help please would be great!!

many thanks steve

yup, you're right, the power output of the 1.8 is
120,135,145 and 160!

Before the TF the engine puts out 120PS, with the TF the engine was tuned slightly to put out 135PS. They did the same with the VVC

PS are not quite BHP. PS basicly means BHP in german, but as the german horses are weaker than imperial horses, you need more of them to make up an engine. Bigger numbers are always better for marketing types, so you'll never see BHP, always PS
Will Munns

thanks for getting back
the car is on a x plate and is 2001 it should have 120bhp and not 135bhp for the 1.8{non vvc}as the 135bhp was on the mgtf only?
or was the 135bhp 1.8 from 2001 onwards?

many thanks steve
stevie wasikowski

It will be 120

135 and 160 was for the TF only, with the exception of the MGF Trophy 160 which appeared in 2001 as a more hardcore and focused version.

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