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MG MGF Technical - 1.8 turbo anyone?

Might be of interest to someone with a desire for some turbo charged horses in their F/TF...
Rob Bell

Would it fit?

Wherein lies an interesting question to which I have no definitive answer. But I gather than Janspeed looked at it, and I bet that Longbridge probably did it themselves! They had a number of interesting projects they kept to themselves, including a T16 turbo MGF, and at least two MGFs with Honda Vtecs. Oh, and a F with an L-series diesel...

Returning to the question - yes, I think that there is a reasonable chance it will fit... just. Will have to be very careful with the heat shielding as the fuel tank is on the other side of that bulkhead.
Rob Bell

And there were a few supercharged MGF's 215PS engine.
Tony Harrison

Yes, Janspeed engineered this conversion for the supersports. From what I was told, the Supercharged engine was production ready...

... the Supersports project was sadly pulled. Not sure who took that decision. BMW?
Rob Bell

I showed the missus and she said NO. I dont know if she meant No as in it wouldnt fit, or NO as in dont even think about it because it aint going to happen.
There is a fair amount of room between the engine and the bulk head isnt there? Would the turbo be on the forward facing side of the engine? If so it would sound pretty cool in the cockpit.

IMO it wont fit. youd have to remove the heat shield. And the turbo is located where the bulkhead becomes narrower (where the fuel pump sits)
But one day someone will try.
David Peters

Ben, I am sure she just didn't think it would fit ;o)

Actually, I do seem to recall someone saying that someone inside MGR had in fact done it to a development hack (will have to try and find out who these characters are and chat to them!) - so it is possible.

Yes, the turbo hangs between the engine and the passenger compartment bulkhead... You'll need a custom downpipe - but that ought not cost all that much to do. All the other engine mounts are standard. Get the version for the manual PG1 gearbox, the engine management (the 1.8T uses a Seimens unit rather than MGR's own MEMS3), and you are practically plug and play...

Apparently, there is a second hand engine going with all these bits for 500 notes on eBay somewhere... ;o)
Rob Bell

I'm seriously lookin into this Rob, as I am in the process of engine replacement anyway.. Going to chat to Tech-speed on Monday about it.

Will keep ya posted

Stu :-)
Stu Dickens

Good luck Stu. Mention to Roy that I think that someone within the Sport and Racing division may have had something to do with this.

BTW I knew you had planned an engine replacement, but I wasn't sure how far along the line you'd got with it.

A 1.8T would make for a very interesting motorcar! Might need to look into engine bay cooling (extra vents on the boot lid, ala 200HPD, etc) It's chippable to nearly 200bhp too... 8-O
Rob Bell

I dont think it'l fit, looks way too FAT!

But it wouldmake a monster engine for a Caterham or something similar!


....a midget

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