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MG MGF Technical - 1.8i alternative source?


Iíve just bought a 1.8i MGF (none vvc) with a seized engine. Iím on the look out for a replacement engine at a reasonable price but havenít had much luck yet (if youíve got one let me know). Presumably other MG / Rover models use this engine, which ones should I be looking out for? Iím hoping for as much of straightforward swap as possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Simon Cox


How much are you expecting to pay?

MG Owners Club shop/magazine had 1.8i re-engineered engines for £1999 exchange. That's the modern name for reconned.

MGF Centre can usually source good engines with low mileage at sensible prices.

Both can be found from Advertisers at top of screen.

Both can quote for fitting.


Was recently offered a low mileage 1.8i(can't recall how low) by BBR (the turbo tuning people), price IIRC was £800. URL is

But as John says, Victoria at MGF Centre well worth a call - their workshop has successfully re-invented many an MGF, and I've found their pricing to be very attractive.

Is the seizure the result of a head gasket failure? Don't throw away the old unit until it's been examined, you may well be able to salvage some spares, which can save you a lot of time/money if you hear the call of the Darkside and want to start upgrading components.
Mike Hankin

Not a abd idea Mike. If it were me i would get the internals that are ok lightened and balanced in readiness. Simon I agree with John and Mike re: The MGF Centre. Victoria, Bill and Carl will be able to sort one out for you.

DJC Dorrell

Thanks for the replys, Iím on a bit of a budget so was thinking more along the lines of a visit to the local breakers yard. Iím happy to remove the engine myself but Iím not sure which other models besides the mgf share the 1.8 16v engine.
Simon Cox

Simon, having recently removed and replaced the engine in an MGF, it is not as simple as say an MGB. The whole engine, gearbox, rear suspension and subframe need to be removed from the bottom as a single unit. Quite a few hours in it.

Good luck
d mottram

the 1.8 is in only a few models, and only then fairly recently. landrover discovery, Lotus elise, Rover 75, possibly R45, new z cars, lots of kit cars.
Will Munns

R200 / R25 / MGZR
R400 / R45 / MGZS
R75 / MGZT

Lotus Elise
Lotus Exige
Lotus 340R

Landrover Freelander


To name a few...

Scarlet Fever

Try this link

they appear to have a few engines from the cars that Scarlet Mentions.
david stonehouse

I think it never made it into the R200 - did it ever go into the 25?
Will Munns

Will, there was a 218, along with the 218 Vi (VVC) - the "bubble" shaped cars :o)
Rob Bell

You could also look out for the Rover Tomcat (200 coupe) as the later ones used the K series engines.
DJC Dorrell

Yep, as has been said, R200 gained the 1.8K towards the end of it's life, R25 picked up from where it left off.

R200 Tomcat Coupe
R200 Coupe
R200 Tourer
R200 Cabby

All had 1.8K engines as an option at some stage.

Scarlet Fever

There are services that will search breakers yards for yo u and deliver. Google for used car parts and look at the ads on the right.

Gives a breif rundown
Will Munns

Had engine replaced in wifes car last year and had a recon engine fitted by Techspeed, was about £1600 if I remember right, cant remember who supplied engine but Techspeed would be able to advise


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