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MG MGF Technical - 195/50R15 options

Hi all.

It's been a while since I post here and so I don't know the current trend on tyre choices.

I've got Bridgestone S03s all round. The front ones are now past their best after 63k km. Whick is a good distance out of a soft tyre. Very happy with them, but they don't make them anymore.

What is my best option? Toyo Proxes??



Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

I have been using the Toyo T1R 205/50x15 all round for the past few years without any problems. I have just upgraded to 16" rims so have changed to R1R's a softer tyre that can also double as a track day tyre.
Andrew Regens

Hi Valter,

How's tricks?

Just looking at the Bridgestone website, their premium tyres don't now seem to extend down to 15" sizes, which I find extraordinary, given that this remains one of the most popular diameter of wheel for cars used on track days etc. Obviously not the market they're aiming for. If you were on 16" rims, then you're catered for - I'm using S-02s with 205/50 section, and according to their website, they're still available (but very very hard to find as I discovered when I last bought tyres - and I need another set of rears desperately!)

Bridgestone listing of tyres here:

What do you want from your next set of tyres? I may go for Toyo T1Rs next time - as Project Shed ( is now intended as the track day star of the Bell vehicle fleet (probably fit R888s to this)
Rob Bell

Hi Rob!


I've got R888's on the Catherham. They're superb! But you cannot use them on a daily basis on a MGF.

I'm tempted to go T1Rs now. Combined with S03s rear.

What do you think?
How's your project doing?

Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

I would think that that combination should be okay Valter - although on the F, I always prefer to swap all three tyres at the same time. I've read too many instances of handling 'issues' with mixed tyre types to justify not doing this way - but it is certainly a more expensive precaution!

Regarding the current state of play with Project Shed, FTF is a little behind the times. The last published article is #4, and I am writing article #7 at the moment!
Anyway, the engine is out and about to be swapped onto the 'new' subframe. Tim and I have 'serviced' it - new water pump, tensioner, cam belt amongst other things - and done a little tuning, in the form of a pair of Lotus 135 cams :o) I also have a new stainless manifold and exhaust to fit... not to mention the ubiquitous K&N panel filter!

Lots of other little tasks to do now - including installing the roll cage, changing the dampers (Bilsteins ready to go on), new TF alloy subframe mounts and a whole load of stuff that is too numerous to mention.

I doubt we'll be racing this year, but perhaps a track day towards the end of the year as a shake down is possible for the Shed?
Rob Bell

> I would think that that combination should be okay Valter - although on the F, I always prefer to swap all three tyres at the same time.

Rob, was that the special edition "Robin" F?

The R1R is a soft tyre but suited to the warmer climates, one of the reasons off the shelf here but special order in the UK. I like the Toyo 888 but size was a problem for the 16" rims.
Andrew Regens

interested in Rob's tricycle

very happy with Continentals for everyday use
CW Faux

Definetly Toyo Proxes, cheap & good. I used TR1S before but TR1R's are better. Cheaper to get mail order in the UK (MyTyres, Black Circles)& have fitted locally. Not sure about Portugal, but research will find the best deal.

Cheers, Russ.

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