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MG MGF Technical - 1996 / 1999 Headlamps the same?

Can anyone confirm that the headlamps on a 1999 MGF are the same and compatible with those on a 1996 model?

I've searched for such information to no avail.

Tony Thompson

I believe so. At the moment i have a 1996 vintage headlamp on the driver's side and a 2000 model headlamp on the passenger side (accident repair).

Apart from the misting of the lens on the 1996 lamp (this happens over time) they appear to be identical.


Scarlet Fever


Excellent - obviously the pheonix has risen as ambidextrous ! But does the LH know what the RH is doing ?


Working on some discreet spotlamps at the moment too...

Shhh, it's TOP SECRET! ;-)

Scarlet Fever


depends on the VIN.
The very early had a different fixture.
I'm not sure whether it relates your car, though.
Could anyone look up the parts files please ?
Dieter K.

Thanks Dieter,

I guess it will depend on 'how early' !

I'd appreciate anybody's help to confirm the VIN number when the change occurred.

Thanks in advance


Anybody got any information on this?


Err, just looked up with my own mgf term search engine ;)

AD004353 fixture changed

Anyway, more detailed for the archives from EPC

headlights, main beam, bulbs
LHD P/N up to VIN AD004352
RH XBC103811
LH XBC103821

LHD P/N up to VIN AD004352
RH XBC103831
LH XBC103841

RHD P/N VIN AD004353 upwards until Trophy
RH XBC104020
LH XBC104030

LHD P/N VIN AD004353 upwards until Trophy
RH XBC104040
LH XBC104050

RHD P/N Trophy
RH XBC000520
LH XBC000530

LHD P/N Trophy
RH XBC000540
LH XBC000550

RHD P/N since VIN 2D600101
RH XBC000960
LH XBC000970

LHD P/N since VIN 2D600101
RH XBC000980
LH XBC000990

Repair kits (lens, gasket and clips) until 2D600101
RH XBQ100700
LH XBQ100710

Repair kits (lens, gasket and clips) since 2D600101
RH XBQ000140
LH XBQ000150

H1 55W bulb until including Trophy
Main beam XZQ000160
Dieter K.

Thanks Dieter,

Excellent information. However, this means that the 1999 headlands are not compatible with my car which is pre-AD004352, unless the modification is fairly minor or that there is a special adaption kit. Any ideas.

I will contact my friendly Rover dealer tomorrow and see if they can come up with anything.



Scarlet's VIN is 4240, this means that she should have an early lamp on the driver's side and a later one on the passenger side. Both lamps appear to be identical though (other than handing of course), i've just had a good look at them.

In fact the only difference i can see is that the later one has a small foam pad on top of one of the lens clips.

It looks from Dieter's database that the revisions were limited to bulbs and repair kits (or am i reading this wrong?)

Scarlet Fever

Not sure mate. I think the difference relates to the rear fixture, which seams important. You may have better options to verify with Scarlet. Mind you as well they never changed 'on point'.

The glasses are the same. And Trophy is involved with black refector only.
Dieter K.

Any info there regarding the controversy of H1 versus H7 on some cars Dieter?
Rob Bell

Rob, no. I think the confusion relates to wrong files of OEM suppiers only.
I remember some guys bought the H7 due to wrong manuals already years ago.

Anyway, can someone ask John Thomas ? He owned VIN No 463 until someone crashed into the rear. He will know.

PS. nothing different in EPC as well, which needs not mean anything finally.
Dieter K.


My friendly Rover garage could only confirm that there was a change at VIN AD004353 but not what the cahnge was.

Could I ask you to have a closer look at your own on SF and see if you can spot any other differences?


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