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MG MGF Technical - 1998 MGF VVC Wont start - HELP!

I have a VVC and it wont start the problem seems to be that there is no power I have charged the batterey and tried a jump start from my other car and nothing. Checked all fuses but they seem ok to me. HELP Any Ideas!!

Failed starter selonoid, failed starter, faulty ignition switch, I'm not sure if the engine security has an effect on this issue, any noises when turning the key ?, do the lights on the dashboard dim or flicker,
Mike (@home)

No lights on anywhere on the dash, also no noise nothing, I thought it may be Security stuff faulty but not sure what this is on the mgf...

No lights on dash board!, have you checked all the fuses, check the wiring harness that connects the ignition switch to the rest of the loom for loose connection.
Mike (@home)

Something similar happened to me a while back. Due to lack of use over winter, the battery on my VVC was flat pretty much flat as a pancake (it had been flat a number of times, so battery was more or less on its' last legs). It wasn't quite flat, 'cos ignition lights, etc, came on, but not enough to turn the engine over. Jump started it, and took it to Kwikfit for a new battery. Parked in their car park and, when I went into Reception, they asked me to drive the car into one of their bays. Went back to the car, but nothing - no lights, no sign of life, no nothing. One of the Kwikfit guys was familiar with the K-Series and said that when the battery gets very low there's an electrical cut-off that comes into effect (might be connected with crash safety or something). Anyway, he rummaged in the top left of the engine bay, found a switch of some kind and, hey presto, back to life! Not sure exactly what or where this switch is - someone else may be able to help?
Paul Daykin

Just my reflections on Pauls comments, I left my "F" for 4 months whilst in Singapore, on return battery was "DEAD", I mean no lights nothing, after several hours on charge (like overnight). The car started first time, no switches etc to fiddle with.
Mike (@home)

I think that this is the fuel cutoff switch. As you say, there for crash safety purposes. It has a little push button on the front end to reset it with.
Neil Courtney

Neil, the emergency push button only cuts out the fuel pump. (IMO)
Lights come off as usual, immobiliser needs blipper input once as usual, Stasrter will turn like mad, but the engine will not start.
The same happens on any side or front impact. Had this after I 'rolled' my poor old MGF.

Would echo what Mike said though.
Dieter K.

I suggest that you check the battery earth. If this is loose or corroded then even a jump start by connecting an other battery will give your symtoms.
Steve Ratledge

If Steves suggestion is right when connecting a second battery connect the Negative lead to a well earthed part of the body, and see if it makes a difference.
Mike (@home)

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