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MG MGF Technical - 1998 1.8 VVC Clutch Ajustment

Could anybody tell me if it is possible to adjust the clutch pedal operation to allow the clutch to release when the pedal is higher up away from the floor at the moment i have to depress the pedal hard to the floor to operate it ?
J.W Critchley

Pressing all the way down and having a low bite point is not right! Could be a weak fluid transfer from master cylinder to slave, due to air or water contamination or you may have leaking seals.

If the seals have gone in the slave cylinder there will be evidence of a leak around it (located on top of the gearbox). Best seen with the engine cover removed.

If the slave cylinder is not leaking, suggest you perform a clutch fluid change as a first try to fix the problem. Clutch fluid is exactly like brake fluid (type Dot4) and absorbs water over time. Contaminated fluid turns from clear to black and is less effective at transferring pressure through the pipe - the pedal won't work until it's near to floor.

There is a post in the MGF General forum, 10th Sept, "Difficulty in changing gear" that may help you.

J Lennon

Thanks Jeff for your advice,i will check out the items you have mentioned to see if they fix the problem.
J.W Critchley

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