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MG MGF Technical - 1st Warranty Claim - Misting Headlamp

Oh my gawd, 'ere we go...1st Warranty claim after only two week's ownership (symptom appeared after one DAY)!!!

My TF160's offside headlamp lens is FULL of condensation. It clears partly when the sun shines on it, or the headlamps have been used. But has NEVER cleared completely. I thought it was just a plastic lens that I could remove easily and dry out. Unfortunately held on by a Tork screw, so, down to Barretts to get them to remove the lens.

"No, sir, it's a complete unit. We've had this on another TF and replaced the headlamp. We'll ask MGR's permission to replace yours"

...Now, a week later, am told yes they will replace the unit THIS ONCE.....BUT, they cannot guarantee the replacement won't mist up as well. Seems like it's a known occurence (read "fault") caused by the plastic used in the lens, or something. So, if it happens again, tough luck, it's "normal"; i.e. you get one "goodwill" replacement.

Just thought I'd let you know!!!!

(Have to keep reminding myself I've got a BRITISH car now, not a German!!! So, presumably, will have to expect this kind of thing)

>>(Have to keep reminding myself I've got a BRITISH car now, not a German!!! So, presumably, will have to expect this kind of thing)<<
Aren't the lights belgian ?
And I know that German cars do get the same problem, though the problem is the response from the dealer, which should be "yes sir, we'll fix it" and no qualification!


>> Aren't the lights belgian

even Belgians warrant a capital B ;-D

I thought the Belgian capital was Brussels but it now looks as if its now been shortened to just B! Bloody EU :-)
Mark Catterall

It's not just British cars.
I've just taken delivery of a brand new, top-of-the-range Mondeo Ghia X, and 1 week after delivey, I take it back to the dealer, as the hi-level brake light moulding has warped away from the rear window, and is allowing light to reflect onto the rear parcel shelf. Result = can't see a thing out of the back when putting on brakes, especially at night.
Dealer said, "Sorry, not covered under warranty as it's trim. You'll have to pay for replacement part & labour", approx 50.
My response, "I don't ******* well ******* ***** ****** ****** ***** ***** think so!!" (Or words to that effect). To say I am not happy would be the understatement of the year. The car was delivered with this problem!
Anyway, after a couple of (heated) phone calls they have agreed to do it FOC. Things has better improve, or this could be a stormy relationship with Ford!

I never understand this sort of dealer attitude - and it goes across the makes I have had a similar reply from a BMW dealer - and one that is actually owned by BMW.

Dealers get paid for doing warranty work and they get the parts exchanged by the manufacturer - so what is their problem I ask myself.

Ted Newman

Isn't "top of the range Mondeo" an oxymoron.

Good to see moving production to new Cortina to Germany hasn't dented Ford's quality image!

Simon, the dealer gets an allowance to cover warranty repairs. The less he does the more he keeps. I would be tempted to drop a note to the garage principal stating that you are concerned at the faulty light cluster. While you have allowed then to undertake this repair, if it happens again you reserve the right to reject the car as "not being of merchantable quality". This should cause them to be a tad more co-operative.


Patrick Beet

I had a bit of condensation in both my lamp units when I was out in the rain - soon cleared up though. Didn't think it was a fault though - I will keep an eye on it now.

I had problems with condensation in the rear lights of a Peugeot 206. It was so bad I considered buying a couple of goldfish. Anyway the dealer wanted to take them off and drill holes in them to let them "breath". I said "I don't think so". He assured me that the latest ones had a hole moulded in them. Outcome was that he took lights off car in showroom (with moulded holes) and replaced them with mine after he had drilled holes in them. To be fair it sorted the problem.

David Clelland

Patrick's right ...

"top of the range Mondeo" is is a term reserved for a Jaguar X Type

: )

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