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MG MGF Technical - 2002 MGTF window motor

I need to replace the passenger side window motor/mech and am trying to source one at a bit less than the 241 new price - yikes!! Does anyone know what other MG models would contain the same mechanism?

Thanks, Amanda
Amanda Rawson

Hi Amanda,
Is it definitely the motor gone and not just the switch(which cannot handle the continuous current) becoming corroded and going open circuit? This has been a regularly reported fault which is very easily fixed by cleaning the switch contacts. This costs no pounds but may need periodic repetition! Fingers crossed,

Hi Amanda

Contact Mike Satur; he should be able to put you right.

If it's any consolation, here in Brightest Africa the dealer wanted the equivalent of about GBP500. You can imagine my delight....

(Don't let the personal details worry you unduly - I have a '02 TF as well as the midget.)
James Reinhardt

This thread was discussed between 07/06/2006 and 09/06/2006

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