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MG MGF Technical - 2005 model TF

I have just laid my hands on a 2005 model TF 160, vin 639645, ex Rover fleet car registered 29/1/05.

It will replace my older TF 160 30/4/2002 vin 602303. (interested parties see

Both were early examples of their year but I've taken a few pics of odd changes, for the record.

Luckilly both have two horns and the 05 TF still has 4 piston calipers tho' Rover blurb said they were going to 2.

You'll see they seem to have forgotten to fit the mesh above the silencer on my 05 TF - I can't believe it was intentional.

I miss the little string holder thingy in the boot tho'.

Suspension changes make for a far more comfortable ride. I haven't given it's handling a good test yet - still only 1500 miles on the clock.

I can't discover what triggers the engine bay cooling fan since they changed the sensor but I can say it come on more frequently and runs with ignition off too.

Glass rear window is brilliant.

I'm happy :-)

John Thomas

On my TF JULY 2003 i have the same modification but i have not the glass hrw, but the fuse is the same...i have the remote stat :)

I am AMAZE and lucky :) my vin :


Nice and quite rare I expect

re engine fans, do a search on TF cooling fans as I posted on this a couple of weeks ago. Your older TF has a different engine bay grill to my 2003 135 and it is far easier to check the coolant everytime you open the boot - not that you need to as you have the new level thingy now!

Oh, nearly forgot, you can see I've got a different fresh air intake arrangement on the new TF - see

It now gets air in from under the bonnet not from the grill in front of the windscreen.

In practice this gives a much better air flow without needing to use a fan. Probably eases airbox sealing problems which used to be the cause of leaks on early F's

Humble apologies if all these little changes have already been noted over the last few years. I'm sure they weren't all saved up for 2005.


John Thomas

Hi you lucky thing !

I don't have the glass screen, so very jeaqlous, but I was a wee bit interested, on the new model, could you answer a few questions.

1/ The carpet seems to be one piece in the older cars the carpet was a top and then sound deadening material, is yours the one piece ?

2/ What does your oild temp guage sit at. I could swear that my oild temp is higher than it was on the mgf, but maybe I'm paranoid.

3/ do you have 16" wheels or 15" (not sure 160 didn't have 16" as standard) and what make are they are they continental v82 or the goodyear F1's

4/ I actually like the old grill it was easy to rest the odd thing on the flap when putting things in boot, and now you can't but can see oild and water easier. I also miss the stringy thing, alough never used it.

5/ I have the new fuses but strangely the heated window is one of the small relays, but the fog lights are the bigger relay not in the fuse board, is yours the same ?

6/ I have the grill on the front.

7/ I have 3 holes (purpose built) on the rubber door seal at the bottom toward the door hinge, don't remember these in the mgf

8/ there is a wee boot open light display led between speedo and tacho, but no light under the bonnet anymore, yours the same ?

7/ seats don't rub on the seatbelt holder and so tear the fabric.

Think thats all - enjoy ! Brian

I knew I'd forget something.

How does window fold ? Its obviously smaller but with the added advantage you can see through it !! but does this fold flat on the parcel shelf so it is flat and doesn't get broken ?



my very congrats

Had some lookups according to your useful input.
This aren't all changes, though :)

JKA000120 Box assembly-air distribution air intake
WYG100430 Screw-flanged head - M6 x 12
from 3D612109 on

PGG000270 Fan assembly- engine
from 4D626718 on

PYC000760 Clip-P shape 4 of at the radiator hoses
from 4D638457 on

YQH000270 Cover fusebox - upper (bonnet)
from 3D610318 on

(the internal cover missing since ??)

YSU000060 Bracket-fuse holder mounting - alternator
from 4D621621 on

YQU000420 Bracket fusebox passenger compartment
YQU000500 Bracket-relay air conditioning
from 4D620549 on

YWB000440 Relay - heated rear window
from 5D639631 on

YEB100770 Horn high note
until 2D606594
then nothing
and back from 5D639634 on

CMB000610 Glass & finisher assembly- windscreen tinted - Lead Free, Windscreen Tinted
from 4D620879 on

Hood Cover, Frame & Fittings-
From 5D639631 on with heated window
A broken rear window will cost you nearly 500 quid now !!!!! :)
All wiring harnesses changed also with above VIN

DYQ000100 Rivet-pop-stainless steel - stud fixing plastic cheater to B post
from 4D619958 on
John, are the cheaters back now ??

Regarding ride quality ??
RNB001210 Damper front
RNH000140 Bump Stop - front (on damper piston)
from 5D639631 on

RBJ000840 Arm assembly-upper front suspension - RH
RBJ000850 Arm assembly-upper front suspension - LH
from 3D616123 on

KGE000071 Mounting-front subframe rear rubber
from 2D607724 on
KGE000110 Mounting-front subframe fron rubber (since 600101)

KGZ000060 Brace-front subframe - RH
KGZ000070 Brace-front subframe - LH
from 3D618326 on

RBL000231 Bar-anti-roll front suspension
RBM000170 Link assembly anti-roll bar
from 3D617817 on

QJF000040 Lever-steering swivel hub - RH
QJF000050 Lever-steering swivel hub - LH
from 5D639631 on

RGX100440 Bush-roll bar mounting (under U-shape bracket)
until 5D640434

what might this mean ?????
They could'nt have made much more MGTF ;)

RPD000730 Damper rear
RKB000880 Spring-road rear coil
RNE000030 Cup - rear damper bump
RNH000180 Bump Stop - rear
from 5D639631 on

RGG000253 Arm assembly-lower rear suspension - LH
RGG000243 Arm assembly-lower rear suspension - RH
from 2D605201 on

RGD000571 Link assembly-trailing rear suspension
from 4D620746 on

RYG000411 Bolt-lower trailing arm
from 4D630351 on
RGB000291 Bar assembly-anti-roll rear suspension
since 5D640466
realy ?? ;-)

RGU000160 Compliance Bush & Bracket Assembly - RH
RGU000170 Compliance Bush & Bracket Assembly - LH
until 5D639805
I wonder what superceeded this front mounts of the rear long suspension arm ??

upper arm changes
RGD000920 Link assembly - RH - rear suspension upper
RGD000930 Link assembly - LH - rear suspension upper
from 3D616123 on

RLM000011 Spacer - upper arm pivot
from 4D638640 on

RLM000021 Spacer - upper arm pivot
from 4D638640 on

KGE000071 Mounting-rear subframe rear rubber
from 2D603676 on
KGE000110 Mounting-front subframe rear rubber (always)

SJC000150 master cylinder assembly brake
SJG000160 Servo assembly brake
from 5D639634 on

SFP000360 Set-pad rear brake system - 1SET
From 4D620780 on

KGY000020 Dam-front subframe air
from 3D617575 on
DPC000770LML Cover assembly-painted front bumper
from 4D622376 on
DPL000180 Bracket-Front Bumper fog lamp Mtg - RH
DPL000190 Bracket-Front Bumper Fog Lamp Mtg - LH
from 4D622376 on

DQB000960LML Cover assembly-primed rear bumper
from 4D622376 on
DQY000130MMM Grille-rear bumper - Chrome
should be in with your car, John.

ESH100182 Guard assembly-engine rear aperture (grille)
from 2D 608210

EAG000260LNF Carpet assembly-loadspace
from 5D639634 on


its possible to fit the same rear screen glass on my TF 2004 ?


Do you have a day job?

Sam Murray

Dieter, that is amazing - 1/2 man, 1/2 MG(T)F database!

But the tricky question still remains : What triggers the fan?? Anyone with up to date electric shematics?
/ Carl.

>>> Dieter, that is amazing - 1/2 man, 1/2 MG(T)F database! <<<
LOL... but you're right.

@John Thomas: good info, very nice pictures.
@Dieter: it's getting harder and harder to talk to you. You speak in numbers ;o)

Great pix John! :o) Sad to say that "Lucky John's" lottery number suggestions didn't work out... bah! ;o)
Rob Bell

Don't think you could retro fit rear window as the webbing that folds the rear window into the correct position would be missing. I have a 05 model TF hood like this on my 96 F !

If you had a MY2005 hood on frame, then it would be a case of simply unbolting the old and replacing with the new :o)
Rob Bell

Sorry I though the question was if you could fit the window to an existing hood. The 05 hood has a zip out section with the glass window in it (unlike XPower hood). This could possibly be fitted to an earlier hood, but I think you would be missing the folding mechanism. I agree you can bolt the whole hood on in place of any earlier hood, as I have done on my May 96 MGF took about an hour to fit single handed.

>> its possible to fit the same rear screen glass on my TF 2004 ? <<

Dave, I suspect that you're right, if you simply wanted to zip in the new window section, the job - assuming that it could be done - is rather more involved. But I suspect that the hood design itself is somewhat different as you suggest (i.e. window section being a different size and shape etc - see John's picture: ).
Rob Bell

>Do you have a day job?

Sam, I have, but sowhat of boring currently ;)

@Erik, will need the numbers for the online-EPC in any way.

>> its possible to fit the same rear screen glass on my TF 2004 ? <<

>From 5D639631 on with heated window
>A broken rear window will cost you nearly 500 quid now !!!!! :)

I don't think you like to be the first who tries one from new ?
However, I would bet it could be retrofitted to an old hood. Needs some measures and comparison of measures, zip etc.
Though, I don't think there will be many from second hand in the near future.

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