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MG MGF Technical - 24,000 Service

Hi people,
My '97 VVC is about due for it's 24k service, (even with only 12k on the clock) in the next couple of weeks, and I'm wondering what it involves, & what it's going to cost me. Any responces greatly appreciated.

Hi Chris,

I had the same service three weeks ago. They called it a '12/24' as i've only done 12,000 miles but over 2 years. The main part of this involves brake fluid replacement. As well as the usual items such as all round inspection and oil change, filters etc. It cost me 186.00 but that depends on your garage. The next one is more critical which involves coolant replacement and we all know what happens if they don't bleed it correctly!


There's a guide on my website for the cost of having the F serviced at the various intervals...

Home of the F'ers Gallery, MG Dealer Guide and Servicing costs guide. :)
Paul Lathwell

Err was that another plug?


Chris, if you want to know what the service involves there's a layout of the service schedule at - in fairly crude Word format at present.

Regards, Kes.

>Err was that another plug?

Sorry it just kind of slipped out - but that's what the info on the site is for. ;-)
Paul Lathwell

Just had a 24K service today which cost 172. Nothing particularly interesting just oil, oil filter, air filter, top up of windscreeen washer (charged me 99p for that - tight b*****ds), brake fluid change and a general kick of each tyre from what I can gather.
However, they did point out that:
(a) one of my tyres was almost illegal in the middle and OK on the outside (by the way, why does this happen? Over inflation of the tyre?)
(b) Rear fog light wasn't working (I checked afterwards and it was OK! so saved a 10 charge there) and
(c) Handbrake needed adjusting. Seemed OK to me so I'll live with it.

NOt sure about the tyre wear in the middle, cos i slated my dad last weekend when he said he had the problem, (not MGF) i told him he was over inflating them, he insisted he wasn't. then i noticed my rear tyres are worn in the middle. I'm guessing, but its probably due to the tyres being reasonably big and ballooning out under acceleration, like you see on drag cars, but obviously to a much lesser extent. I assume most wear on the rear tyres is caused during acceleration.


PS I'd have refused to pay the 99p, cos i bet they didn't ask if you wanted the work doing first!

I was interested to read of Nick's 12/24 service as I am approaching my 48k service in my 96 F but have covered only 13k. (It rains a lot up here so I don't get out a lot). Up to now I've had my F serviced as per the book i.e. every 12 months regardless of the mileage. Even the brake fluid has been replaced. At no time has my dealer (Nobles of Penicuik) suggested anything other than a straight service. Should I be cutting down on needless servicing costs? If so is there anybody out there that can suggest what should be omitted? The actual costs don't seem to be as expensive as those on Paul's website but I would still like to cut down as I also run two other cars (there are four drivers in the family). Thanks for all the advice so far - I really appreciate all the wrinkles from you guys.

Bryant Hodkinson

I had my 24k service this week and paid 160. Both front tyres found to have nearly worn out. Car has done only 6,700 miles. See worn tyre thread for more information on this board. Rover have been generous in helping me this time.

I've just had my 48,000 service and my Mg has only done
13,200 miles,
I'm not sure about omitting anything from the service,
because to maintain the service History etc the dealer
has a service sheet which has to satisfied.
I could possibly have saved some money by not having an
Oil and Fuel system Flush, but for the ammount that
this cost it was 'nothing'.
Total cost was approx' 175.

On the subject of servicing costs, i had one of my vans given a 40K service last week. Astra 1.7td: The brake fluid was changed FOC as part of a recall program, however, the following was also done:

Oil, Fuel, Air and Pollen filters.
Clean oil.
New brake pads to front
New disks to front
Deglaze rear shoes
New sump plug
New wipers

Now, they tell me that the next service is more critical as the cam belt will need changing. Nevertheless, that little lot cost me 487.00!! and to top it all, I took a peek at the air filter yesterday and the unit had not been replaced but simply turned 180 degrees!. I new this because I had changed it myself last month when it was seriously bunged up and causing loads of soot to emerge from the exhaust. And on the 'new' one there were 2 areas of staining - 180 degrees from each other.

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