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MG MGF Technical - 36,000mile service?????

hi there

have had VVC (98) for 6 months now and its great. changed tyres to Bridgestone r720's and its alot better than crummy NCT's. The car was serviced last jan at 21,000 and now the mileage is 28,000 do i get it serviced now or wait till it gets closer to the scheduled 36,000 mile mark??

also am going to change plugs as cold start not so good anything else i need to be aware of?? lastly, i hate going to dealers and recall someone mentioned an independant garage near whitney, oxford any suggestions or any closer ones to reading??

much apreciated!"!!!!!!

Service Interval states 36000 miles or 3 years, whichever comes first. Therefore, to be able to say "Full Service History" when you sell it, as a low mileage user, you should get it done at the calender interval.
Mine's a P (97), with 20,270 miles, and its had all the servicing up to and including (last August) the 48,000 service on its registration anniversary.

Ref poor cold start, I'd also change the leads. B&G do 8mm Magnacore Performance leads for about 50 + VAT. Did mine last weekend, and it now starts and runs a treat.

I'd also advise checking all your coolant hose connections for any signs of weeping leaks. The OE hose clips do not "clamp" the pipes like a traditional jubilee, and corrosion beneath a connection can force the sping type clip open, allowing the joint to leak (see my other post "Check your coolant hoses").
Paul Lane

Don't forget that the 4 grease nipples on the suspension need a shot every 3,000 miles.


You can get an "interim" service which is a general check and oil change - this keeps your service up to date as the servicing should be every 12 months - 10,000 miles i believe - the main emphasis is on mileage!

All good manufacturers offer this service to the "low mileage" user now !!!FORD VAUXHALL ETC ETC

Dont spend good money - talk to your MGR dealer and ask for this !!

After all why pay

You're quite correct, the interval is 12 months or 10,000 miles. However, the key issue here is the line in the Service Portfolio which says "(whichever occurs first)".

Your example of cost saving on the 5 year / 60,000 mile service is the road to ruin. The main cost of this one is the cam belt belt change. This item is lifed as much by AGE as by mileage 'cos of what it's made of.

I WILL be replacing the cam belt on my '97 (P) VVC in August at its 60,000 mile service even though it's currently only done 20,000 miles - it's a rubber based thing that's 5 years old, living in a fuel/oil based atmosphere, outside, doing a very important and "expensive if it fails" job. Don't change it at your peril.

Another example is the brake fluid should be changed at the B service - as its hygroscopic (loves, and will absorb moisture) this is another time related thing. If you're only having "A" services done, then the service history is not "Full".

If I was buying any 4 year old car that said service interval 12 months or 10,000 miles Whichever Sooner - and the services carried out were not per the book or there were only half of them because "it's only done 20,000 gov'nor" then to me (and many others) it 'aint got a full service history.

Just my way of seeing it.
Paul Lane

>i hate going to dealers and recall someone mentioned >an independant garage near whitney, oxford any >suggestions or any closer ones to reading??

There is an mg specialist - Beech Hill garage which is very close to Reading.Tel.0118 9884774 or 0118 9885774
They are 3 miles from M4 junction 11.



The MG dealer in Witney are cheaper than the Newbury dealer for servicing. Get it done there. I had my 36000 mile service there and they know what to look for.

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