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MG MGF Technical - 36000 mile service

My MGF, P100 VVC, goes in for its service this week. It'll be at 36000 miles. That means coolant change and I'm a little apprehensive re. HGF and the possible link to the coolant change.
I'm going to get them to check ride height and tracking/alignment. I might get the plugs changed too because of a few damp start problems of late. I don't like the idea of plugs going through to 60k+ miles. Is there anything else I should get them to routinely check that's not covered in the service?
What have people generally been paying for the 36k service - just to give me some warning!
Also my service book has pages 35-36 ripped out - can someone tell me what was on that page please.
Thanks in anticipation. Gordon

36,000 service cost me 161.00 inc vat.
Just checked my service book and yep pages 35-36 are
missing aswell...
your plugs will be changed at the 50,000 or 5 year
service which ever occurs sooner anyway. (wait until then??)
They should check the general condition of the underside of the car (coolant pipes, oil leaks etc)

Others things to check (not exhaustive) :
- suspension grease nipples
- coolant cap
- gearbox oil level



I'd be interested to know if they list the coolant as a charge on the invoice. Just had a 36K service done and they listed engine oil, grease (?), but no coolant.

IMO better safe than sorry for the cost involved in carrying out the additional work. If you think there are problems evolving it's best to get it done....providing the dealer won't mess it up !


Just booked my Abby in for her 36k service, and they (Diamond Rover, Hatfield) quoted me about 210ukp. I asked about the oil and they use Texaco Semi-synthetic... should I get them to put Mobil 1 in ??? or will it be okay??

R585 ERO

PS, couldn't flippin' remember my so had to quickly refer to this BBS to get it! It does come in useful!
Chris George

Took mine into Diamond this morning for its 36k service and a few extras. They can't get SO2 or 7000 tyres in 15", EBC green stuff pads are off, (they hadn't heard of them) and so is Mobil 1, (not sold locally).

The rear tyres are on the limit, so I'll have to search around, I can wait for the brake pads until I next visit B&G because the existing ones are only 70% worn and I've settled for Castrol Magnatec, which I'm told is the equivalent of Mobil 1.

The service desk was not overhappy when I asked them to take special care with the coolant change, but I'm reasonably confident.

I'm surprised by the lack of common consumables for the car at present. I know there is a supply problem with tyres, but has anyone had any problems with other supplies as well?

>>so is Mobil 1, (not sold locally)

Not got a Halfords in Watford then?


Just to echo Paul's comment, re Halfords. The F takes 4.5 litres of oil, so it costs 40 from Halfords ( 1x 4l pack and 1x 1l pack) plus 6 ish for a filter. Add the job of DIY, or book in at any halfords garage for an oil/filter change for 45. Cheaper to let them do it for you.......and IMO the best oil to fit.

Andy C19 MGF
Andrew Bourne

But they will probably use the cheap oil, and charge you for better stuff.

Well I thought the car's handling was a bit nervous tonight on the way home. Pulled in for some petrol and noticed a flat on the rear. It's not always that obvious when you've got a flat with such low profiles, is it.
Hey tyres as well now by the looks of things. It never rains.....
So Bridgestone SO2s then is it - are they really in short supply because I guess I'm going to need them pretty darn quick. What's the next best alternative then. I don't want to get stuck with rubbish just because I have a flat and they don't have stock.

i've got some bridgestone re720's and not only are they cheaper than the fabled SO2s but they last a lot longer too! try them!

Chris (watford)

What was the service like? Did you get them to put the magnatec instead of the normal oil??

Chris (broxbourne)
Chris George

FAO Chris George

Diamond did a good job of the actual service, they've charged for Magnatec would normally use and I've no reason to disbelieve them. The oil they normally use is Havoline. They also serviced all the "forgettables" like greasing the suspension and refilling the washer bottle. Total charge, which included replacing the seal between hood and body, was 220 GBP. They also stayed open while WAGN delivered me to Hatfield, (1.5 hours journey time and no announcements).

Incidently the new Halfords in Watford at Bushey Arches does sell Mobil 1, but in my innocence I didn't know the stuff was in short supply at Hatfield.

Coolant was changed and no sign of HGF so far, but the journey from Hatfield back to Watford is only about 10 miles fast run, so that's probably not a fair test. I'm a little worried because the front fan still comes on and I'd hoped the service would cure it.
Diamond have been told SO2's are now obsolete and unobtainable and delivery of P7000s would be at least 3 days.

I have used Diamond for all servicing since the car was new, because they were convenient for the trains and I could still get to work at a reasonable time. I might have to use Priest's at Chesham if the trains are not more predictable by my next visit in May.

I also had the tracking reset for 30 GBP at Stapleton's in Watford last Saturday, (5 mins toe-in all round. They have a good knowledge of operating the machine, but they don't have a pump to adjust ride height. I some difficulty convincing them that 5 minutes was not the same as 5 millimetres but that was the only problem.

My next task is to find a local tyre fitter. I have found Stapleton's to be relaible in the past, but they are not very good at obtaining non-standard sizes. Northway tyres have 2 depots in Watford, so I'll be checking them out later.




Thanks for the info, bit confused about the

"they've charged for Magnatec would normally use and I've no reason to disbelieve them. The oil they normally use is Havoline. "

Do you mean that you asked them to use Magnatec? then they went out and got it? or did you take it with you?

Contrary to other comments about diamond, I've found them to be very good customer service wise. I always make a point of contacting the MG sales person Rob Allen first who is always very helpful and friendly and seems genuinely interested in MG's.

R585 ERO
Chris George


Diamond's default oil is Havoline. I asked for Mobil whch they couldn't get in Hatfield, so they phoned me and offered Magnatec as an alternative. After my experience this time, I might take Mobil with me, but it's a bit difficult to do the same with tyres.

I'm glad you raised the point about customer service, because I thought Diamond has improved a lot since I last visited them in May.

I have had some bad experiences with Diamond, but these were always satisfactorily resolved. Bags of enthusiasm and efficiency there, especially on the service desk, (I usually deal with Scott), but I got the impression in the past that the engineers were just a bit too busy.

Its like any other service we buy. We need to state clearly what we want and if not satisfied then we should take it up at the appropriate level in a reasonable manner.


Cheers Chris, I'll ring them up this morning to ask for Mobil 1 and if they don't have it I'll take a trip to Halfords at the weekend.

Thanks again

R585 ERO Abingdon
Chris George

Thought you might like to know, just rang Diamond, requested Mobil 1 and the very helpful man on the service desk (which is rare these days!) told me it would be no problem... didn't think it would be as easy as that!

R585 ERO
Chris George

Ha ha spoke too soon. Car was picked up this morning, they rang me 5 mins ago telling me that they have been unable to get hold of Mobil 1! I had a go cause I could have picked some up at the weekend from Halfords, so the upshot of it is they will use Magnatec. Like you, I will take Mobil 1 with me next time!

R585 ERO
Chris George


The message from Diamond is they can't be bothered to get hold of Mobile 1. It is not some rare exotic product and is surely sold at all BP petrol stations. I see from your earlier threads that they had not even heard of Green Stuff pads.

My local garage did not stock Mobile 1, but got so many requests from F owners for said lubricant that they now do. This is good service.

Looks like Diamand should change there name to Crap if they are to avoid breaching the Trades Description Act.

Happy Christmas to all


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