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MG MGF Technical - 36k service schedule

Hi guys,please bear with me on this one but I need advice from the experten Will/Rob/Dieter et al regarding the 36k service schedule for my VVC.I have to explain at the outset that whilst I have considerable experience of DIY on real MGs(shock horror)like MGBs and midgets MGF is rather filling me with paranoia primarily a. from reading the BBS and b.the lack of a workshop manual.I have,however,got a copy of the official MGR 36k schedule and fresh from the excitement of discovering the 4 grease nipples(thank you all for your advice)I feel sure that I could manage a lot of the service items,certainly the steam powered ones like change brake fluid,engine oil and filter change,checking brakes,hoses.But I'm not at all confident on the more esoteric aspects and I would like to ask the experts if they do their own servicing in which case how do they cover things like a.check oxygen sensor which I would have thought has to go onto the dealer's analyzer/computer/hi tech thingy.I would plan to combine the CO2 check with MoT test as I suppose there is not much you can do about this if it's "off".Specifically,and working down the list:
a.what is the "engine service hatch" as opposed to the"engine access cover"(both are mentioned? do you check the gearbox oil level?Where exactly is the nut that you presumably have to take out to test the level? regards the sump drain nut I assume that really is the one on the extreme end of the sump on the drivers side?
d.mysteriously,my AC system does not have a sight glass.The mechanic showed me this last year when I had the shroud off for suspension pump-up.
e.check pressure sensing hoses and vacuum pipes.Can you do that yourself?
f.Lastly ,Noddy I know but I live out in the sticks so don't want to wander around the "big city" but who normally stocks Mobil 1 for the oil change?I have read all the archive stuff about oil changes so feel pretty confident about that bit but the rest as you can see HELP please.

Sorry to ramble on but I do appreciate peoples skill and knowledge.I just hope some of it rubs off on me so I can work a bit more confidently on this "monster".

MR Blencowe

Can't help with all Q's, but I may be able to help with A and B

A: the engine service hatch is under the trunklid, the engine acces cover is under the hood. To get to this undo the clamps of the softtop and pull this to the front.

Then remove the carpet from behind the T_bar and there is the engine acces cover.

B: Dieter has done some work on this and made some pics, see here:


Johan Slagter

I have the service manual on CD if you are interested.
jim kenny

Johan,thanks for the photos,they are brilliant.Yes,I have now got adventurous enough to take off the grille(its amazing how much more of the engine you can see) and now see how to get the cover off as well.

Jim,thanks for that I might well come back to you.Is it possible to lend me it and I could burn a copy(is that the right phrase-I am not a computer person.I used to have MGBs and Midgets so prefer to be able to hit things with big hammers).
MR Blencowe

If you have owned a B, you can work on an F.
Spark plugs and leads can be changed, air and fuel filter, oil and oil filter and of course, the four suspension ball joints can be greased.
Additionally, brake pad replacement is well within the DIY bracket, but you will need a tool to return the piston on the rear callipers.

If the A/c is cold and the compressor cuts in, it is working.
Use it for at least half an hour EVERY week and for ten minutes, run the system with the temp set at hot. Many systems fail through lack of use. If you feel it is not cold enough, have it regassed for C. 50.

I have a 1999 VVC and you can e mail for any further help I can give.

Enjoy, you have a truly great little car.

Tony H

<If you have owned a B, you can work on an F>
Certainly however you will need to reorganise your tool box with Metric Spanners. Restricted working clearance requires 1/4 drive for many jobs in preference to 3/8.
I find a paint band on metric tools helps identify them from Imperial.
Good Luck.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

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